Touching Myself To You

A few nights ago, I just got finished streaming and had an amazing time with all of my fans. It was such a blast to have so many people hanging out and talking to me: I showed off so many of my skills and used every tool imaginable to give the audience one hell of a stream to remember. Things got pretty crazy and I’m glad that I was so horny during the whole experience!

But the best part was after. See, as soon as I stopped streaming, I went ahead and got showered, slipped into my pyjamas and started watching some TV. I noticed after only a few minutes into a movie that I was still incredibly horny: my clit was pulsing and needed to be pleasured. Initially, it started off as me touching myself and rubbing against my pussy with my hand while I still watched the movie, but then it turned into something much more erotic when I realized there was no going back. See, when a woman with a sex drive like mine gets a desire, she has no choice but to act upon it.

Anyway, I eventually took off my pyjama bottoms and grabbed the Hitachi one fan got me a few months ago. I only bring out this thing when I need something incredible, and boy – let me tell you that this was on a whole new level of ecstasy. I turned it on and instantly pushed it against my clit, the feeling was beyond amazing. It was like a whole new level of pleasure that I’ve never gone through before! Being so horny and having so many orgasms, but still needing more! I guess when you’re a camgirl that spends her whole life getting yourself off for the pleasure of others, sometimes it’s so nice to do something for yourself for once.

Anyway, Alongside the Hitachi magic wand, I knew something extra was going to be very much in line with my desires. I prepared a butt plug and thankfully, it slipped in with little resistance. My ass was ready and waiting to be plugged! Felt amazing going in, by the way. I felt so naughty.

And, finally, I grabbed myself a standard dildo that I was going to slam inside my pussy. So there I was, on my sofa, butt plug in my ass, dildo in my pussy and a Hitachi wand pushed hard against my clit. I was moaning so much and it’s a good thing I live so far from anyone else – it eventually turned into screaming that would have been heard by anyone that was within 50 meters of me! I felt so warm too. It’s crazy how your body heats up when you’re getting aroused and ready to cum.

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for my pussy to react to that desire and soon enough, I was being washed with waves of pleasure as my creamy pussy started to fully enjoy herself. I had to hold off on the Hitachi for a little while I was cumming, but a few seconds without it made it even more desirable for me to get that thing back where it belonged.

Boom! A second orgasm came and I was grabbing into the dildo with the walls of my tight slit. My butt plug started to wiggle too because it was almost as excited as I was. I’ve always loved teasing my ass and maybe one day I’ll tell you guys about what happened the first time I ever had anal sex.

Anyway guys, thanks for giving this a read. I sure hope you had as much fun hearing about my naughty toy adventure as I did experiencing it. Tune in to my cam some time and I’ll be sure to show you that when it comes to using toys, no one else does it like Rochelle. I’m the best damn camgirl that iSpy Live has when it comes to self-love – that’s a guarantee!