My Cosplay Blowjob

Hello everyone! SelenaMiss here. I’m a live cam model on iSpy Live and I think it’s about time that I added one of these sexy stories so you can learn a little more about me. As you can probably tell from the colour of my hair, I have a little bit of a fetish for dressing up and playing around. Well, a few weeks ago, a very popular video game convention came back to Germany and I had the pleasure of dressing up as my favourite character from video games – Maya from Borderlands!

I had a great time at the convention as I always do. Buying plushie toys, trying new games out and generally messing around. On the Saturday evening of the event, I found some old friends hanging around together and we decided to group up and enjoy what was left of the convention. There were a few new faces in the mishmash of people that I hadn’t met before, one of which was cosplaying as Pantheon from League of Legends. He had a fantastic body and some solid abs – his name was Michael and well, let’s just say that me and him spent a lot of time flirting while exploring!

Eventually, Michael and I ended up alone after everyone else in the group left. It was around 9 p.m. at this point and as we started to head toward the exit, he suggested that we try a door into an area we’d wanted to visit earlier but were told was closed. To our amazement, the door opened and we went in! Sadly, all of the lights and machines were turned off, so there wasn’t actually anything there for us to do … until I realized that this was probably the best time to do something very naughty with my new friend.

I started kissing Michael and it was obvious that he had a keen interest in me and what I had to offer. Soon enough he was grabbing my ass and telling me how sexy I was! Eventually, I got him to take a seat and sat on his lap while we kissed some more. Then I decided it was time for me to use my lips for something a little more than kissing!

I started to unzip his pants and found a pretty nice penis waiting for me. Not the biggest by any means, but it was a decent size and quite thick too. I love thick! He started to moan as I stroked him, kneeling between his thighs and rubbing his incredible body with my spare hand. Michael wanted to let me know how much fun he was having, but both of us knew that we couldn’t make too much noise, just in case someone came in to see what was up.

He grew in my mouth and it felt amazing. His thick member was throbbing and he kept grabbing my hair and stroking the back of my head. I looked up at him with my makeup-heavy eyes and received a hot smile while he squinted with pleasure. Let me tell you, nothing makes me feel better than having a guy look like he’s enjoying himself while I give him a blowjob! Especially dressed up in a sexy cosplay outfit like I was.

Soon enough, Michael was whispering ‘oh my god’ and let me know ahead of time that he was going to cum. I guess he was sweet enough to worry that I wouldn’t want to have it inside my mouth. Obviously, I was going to be a very good girl for him and swallow every last drop of that hot load.

I slowed down my blowjob pace as I felt him start to orgasm. His legs braced up and he continued to whisper erotic things while he filled my mouth with his cum. I stroked the length of his thick shaft as he orgasmed and made sure to extract every last drop of seed that he had waiting for me inside his delicious cock. It tasted slightly sweet too – what a pleasant surprise!

Michael and I eventually headed out of the secret area we’d entered and while he did invite me back, it wouldn’t be for a few weeks until I took him up on his offer and eventually fucked him. That was a crazy night too … but we’ll leave that story for another time.

Hope you enjoyed reading my crazy Maya cosplay blowjob story guys! See you later.