Two cocks one pussy

I finally decided to write a secret sex story to have you entertained while I am offline. I am going to tell you about the first time I experienced a threesome with two guys. If there is anything you would like to know about the story, feel free to ask me when you spy on my live sex show.

This happened before I became a cam girl, I was exactly as you know me now, a voyageur through the wonderful world of sex, always searching for something new. I was hanging in a club with a few lady friends, as usual, having drinks, dancing, and looking for a good fuck. Two guys approached our table; they were good friends, looking for some fun, just like us. At first, it was kind of awkward, they were both hitting on me, each in his own charming way, and it was almost impossible to decide which one should I take home, so after a short while I asked myself: “why not both?”. I proposed we should have a threesome, and they both agreed, and actually they seemed very pleased with the idea, so we headed up for my place.

We opened a bottle of wine, shared a drink and a few things about each other, and then we started making out. Their hands were all over me, my nipples were rock hard in a matter of seconds, and my lingerie already dripping wet. While one of them, Tom was sucking on my tongue and fondling my busty boobs, the other one named Brian went straight for the prize; he removed my stockings very gently and then ran his tongue across my pussy through my lingerie.

It felt so good, and even if it was just the beginning I already knew two things: I was going to become a threesome amateur, especially if it involves two guys and the only perfect way to end this adventure would be with a cum shot on my face and one on my boobs.

So, Brian had taken off my panties and was eating me up, his tongue all over my clit and his fingers going hardcore on my pussy. I made Tom stand up so I can reach his massive cock and give him a blow-job. His hard cock felt so good against my soft lips, and I was trying very hard to make a good job while Brian was getting me wet and horny.

After a while, I decided Brian deserves a prize for doing such a good job on my pussy, I invited him to take Tom’s place, so I can give him a blow-job. Tom was now pushing his hard cock inside my tight pussy, and he was fingering my asshole. Brian was enjoying his blowjob and fondling my busty boobs. It felt so fucking good I never wanted it to end, but I was looking forward to the moment when my handsome partners will turn this into a double penetration party, anal is and was amongst my favorite things in the world.

I sat on top of Tom and I asked Brian to put his cock in my tight asshole. He spit on his hand and ran his fingers in and out of my asshole, pleased by how tight it was, and then he slowly shoved his cock inside. After that, the whole thing went completely hardcore, both guys were fucking me, the anal part felt great, and those spanks Brian gave me were making me even hornier. After a long time of moaning, kissing and touching all over, I couldn’t help but squirt, and the guys kindly licked all the dripping pussy juice. I asked them to fulfill my cum shot fantasy, and they liked it very much. I had both their cocks in my mouth, something you could call a double blow-job I guess, and I was stopping from time to time to give each of the a deep-throat. Brian came first, a big juicy cum shot all over my pretty face, and then Tom spread his all across my busty boobs.

I can declare myself a threesome amateur and cross this off my sexual voyageur bucket list. I am surely going to do it again soon, is among the few things that make me squirt.

Don’t forget to spy on my live cam shows and ask me about anything you would like to know, I do hope you enjoyed my secret sex story.