Webcams FAQ

We would suggest you go here Remember, your streaming quality and audio needs to be to quality in order to be successful in this industry. The average webcam is around $75 to $120, don't worry, once you start working it will pay for itself in no time.
What you earn will depend on the hours you work and the time you spend creating a webcam experience that attracts customers. Whatever you make, you can be sure that your webcam modeling income at iSpyLive will more than you would make working as a webcam model anywhere else.
Absolutely! We pay all of our EU / UK models in the currency equivalent to the USD exchange rate. Don’t worry what ever the USD is worth you will get the exact same amount back in your own currency.
At least 800-kbit uplink of bandwidth for Internet speed preferably Cable or Fiber Optic, a computer (PC or Mac full size desktop or laptop) with at least 1 GB of RAM, and Logitech HD webcams are preferred.
Yes, you do not need to look like a supermodel to be successful in this business. Customers desire all different body types, and your personality and enthusiasm will be one of your biggest assets. Additionally, learning the business and developing your own style and technique will make you a high demand webcam model.
Our site has a demand for all sexuality and gender expressions. We always have webcam jobs available for female, male, couples, gay, lesbian, and TG performers.
We leave that choice entirely up to you. Models That go into private 1-2-1 chat are encouraged to tell their customers up front what they will or won't do, so there is no misunderstanding.
You are only required to do what you are comfortable doing. Some sites will say that the performers, who do more, make more, but we find that it is the performers who consistently meet the needs of their particular audience are the ones who make the most money.
As long as you are 18 or over with a valid ID you are eligible to work for iSpyLive as a webcam-model.
If you would like to perform with a partner you will need to apply for a couples account You may not perform with a partner or have anyone on camera that has not been approved by iSpyLive.
There are no background checks to work as an iSpyLive webcam model. The only information we collect is what you give us in order to issue you paychecks and make sure you are over 18. We don’t seek out additional information.
No. Your I.D. is used to verify age as well as generate the 2257 compliance form needed to legal employment as a webcam model. Once your account is activated your personal information is stored with our record-keeping department where it is safe and secure!
Yes. We take every precaution to make sure your IP address and personal information is secured. When you become a webcam model with iSpyLive we take your privacy very seriously. Additionally, we prohibit models from giving out their personal information or allowing customers to contact models outside of iSpyLive in order to assure the highest level of safety for our models.
Yes, we provide security tools within your admin page to block all cities, states or countries you choose to block.
Every model Has the ability to earn up to 70% of their gross sales. Please visit the Payout chart to see how the structure of our system works. But To view this you must be approved by our compliance team and once approved to become a iSpyLive model you will find this information in your admin page under ( PAYOUT CHART )
Models are paid on the first of every month. In order to receive a paycheck, model must have earned a minimum of $100 that month. Models who have not earned a minimum of $100 during the previous month will be paid on the first day of the month in which they have earned a minimum of $100.
At this time, we offer payments via Paxum, you can create an account here
We do not deduct income tax, social security, or any other form of taxes from your earnings and we are not responsible for any tax reporting. You are responsible for ensuring that you pay your proper taxes to the appropriate government tax authority in your country at the end of the year.
Yes it is 100% free we do not charge you any monthly fee to join iSpyLive.
Unlike a regular job, we do not set your schedule nor do not require you to work a minimum amount of hours. You set your own schedule, and can come and go as you please. However, keep in mind that the more hours you work and the more consistent you are about working those hours, the more likely you are to generate regular paying customers and maximize your earning potential.
No, you do not have a minimum number of hours you are required to work. How often you are on camera and when you work is totally up to you! We recommend 20-30 hours a week, but we know not everyone's schedule can handle that kind of time commitment.
That is fine. Many of our models perform in order to earn a second income, and are quite successful because they set and keep a regular schedule.
You can work from any location you choose, all you need is a high-speed Internet connection, a computer, and a webcam.
While iSpyLive has a great deal of traffic, we encourage you to utilize social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to elevate your profile and attract visitors to your webcam sessions in order to maximize your earning potential .This is Not mandatory but if you want to boost up your earning potential then it would be a good idea to promote your self as well.
No. We do not use webcam models’ pictures in advertisements without their consent.
Yes. You can record your private shows and sell them as pay-per-view videos.
Yes, we have a 24/7 technical / Model support team available Via Skype and email for any issues you may have.
Then you contact us and let us know it is not a good fit. It's that simple. We will then deactivate your account and cash out whatever may be owed to you at the end of the pay period.