Browse the Community Page Here to contact iSpyLive members, or get contacted by other iSpyLive community members and agree to get in a game head to head. It’s always a good idea to make sure the other person is online right now before sending them a game invite, but you can also send a game invite to a friend who is offline and they will be notified when they come back online later. As you invite and talk to more players inside our community your list of friends will grow and your ability to win free tokens from other players accounts will get even better!

Adding the people you play with to your Friends list also makes it easier to find them again in the future. You can also easily send game invites to someone or friend them from their profile page with just a few clicks, so becoming part of the community and making friends on iSpyLive is always really fast and easy. All the games on iSpyLive are absolutely free to play, but you do need to have tokens to wager if you want to challenge someone and they need to have tokens if they want to accept your invite.

Create your own account, complete your profile and get started. You may quickly find yourself turning a handful of tokens into a mountain of free webcam show tokens very quickly… if you are able to outwit your opponent. iSpyLive is where every victory celebration starts with a gorgeous girl to share in your strategic triumphs!

Share this link bellow with your friends, get them involved, beat them, and win all THEIR tokens! And as a bonus we will give you as a bonus 15% of the tokens they buy!

The first game launched on iSpyLive is a simple battle of wits between you and another player. The game is played over 5 Rounds. Each Round you can decide how many points to bet on the outcome from your points pool. Then choose Heads or Tails and watch the sexy iSpyLive girls flip the coin to see if you win or lose! Be careful not to lose all your points or the game ends and the other player wins. At the end of 5 Rounds the player with the most points wins all the tokens wagered by the losing player. There is a lot of strategy to this game. The coin flip is random, but how much you wager each Round to put pressure on your opponent without risking too much on a wrong pick or too little on a right pick is the key to victory!
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