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Erotic stories are only as good as their authors. Fortunately for I Spy Live fans, we have a collection of the best erotica written by gorgeous models that you can interact with right here on the same website via their webcams as well. Find out if the story that turned you on most is a big of creative fiction, or a real life event being reenacted in text so that your sexy muse can share some of her most personal intimate moments with you in a whole new way. Then go even deeper and turn your own fantasy sessions into webcam realities right now!

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I fucked my best friend

Here goes, I’m finally posting my story here. I was up last night after my live sex show and I decided I should write one of my stories and share it here, so you’ll have something to do when you can’t spy on me because I’m offline.
I don’t know how this works, if people share their most adventurous or hot experiences or some dirty stuff about their secret sex life, but I’m going to be sharing all of those with you guys, have patience, I have a lot of things planned, but for the time being I’ll share the first thing that comes to mind when someone asks if I have a sex story.
I was a teen with only a few months left until I turned 20 and I was planning to enjoy my summer to the fullest. It was going to be quality time with my friends, lots of partying and figuring out the future. Me and my best friend, Chris were friends since middle school, and we went through a lot together, so we were going to spend all summer together before ending up miles apart at whatever college we were going to end up. We figured out we should just go camping, no distractions, no other people, just beautiful surroundings and two best friends.

We set up the tent near the lake, and went swimming. I adventured a bit further, so when I got back he had a blanket, and he was lying there, sunbathing, gazing over the river. He watched me get out of the water, then said “You know, I’ve never really paid attention before, but you’re kind of a hot brunette”. “Shut up! „I yelled at him and threw myself over. “Your nipples are hard”. “Well of course, I’m cold, what are you a spy, watching my every move…”
He got up and got up two beers and we started chatting like usual. But I could barely pay attention, the truth was I always noticed he was hot, but until now I wasn’t attracted to him, now I was seeing a new side of him. He was looking the best, full teen flawless glory, and for a second I thought about what he would say if I suddenly gave him a blowjob. “I’m going to get some wood for the fire, go get a sweater, it’s getting chilly.” I lost all hope after he said that, then I blamed myself for my reckless thoughts. He came back and we curled up in front of the fire. He put his arm around me, then gazed into my eyes “I want to kiss you so bad right now”. And he did, he acted so fast I couldn’t even process what he said at the moment. His lips were soft, and his kiss was gentle. His tongue brushing against mine felt so good, I wrapped my hands around him like I never wanted to let go. “Are you sure? „Yes moron, what could go wrong?” He took my hand and we headed for the tent. He was sitting on top of me, kissing me and feeling up my busty boobs, and I could feel his cock getting harder, brushing against my tights; it felt so damn good, I was already lusting for his cock inside my shaved pussy. He was as anxious as I was, so he reached for my pants and pulled them off, and then got back to kissing me. His hand was going down my busty boobs, slowly, caressing every inch of my body, until he reached my pussy. His fingers were now circling around my clit while his tongue was dancing with mine. He laid on his side and I turned over to face him. I reached inside his shorts and started rubbing his cock off while he was fingering my pussy. “Chris, I want you to fuck me.” I whispered in his ear. He took of my panties, already dripping wet. He put the tip of his cock inside my wet pussy, and then looked at me as if waiting for confirmation, I smiled, and we went further. That was it, I was having teen sex with my best friend, wet, hot, amazing sex. He was moving his hips faster and faster and I kept on moaning and clenching my thighs, curling my legs around him. He came before me, so he generously offered to make me cum. He went down on me, sucking on my clit and licking my pussy all over and fingering me. My wet pussy was dripping all over his fingers, and after I came he licked it all off. After that night we had all kinds of adventures, and almost every time he slept at my place I woke him up with a blowjob while sitting on his face, letting him eat up my pussy. Come spy on my live sex shows for a closer look. I have lots of surprises and tons of secret sex stories.
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Hot teen sex

I just have to share my hot teen experience with you guys. It was the first time I experienced an orgasm and probably the reason why I became a live chat model, to share the joys of sex with you people, to be thrilled by the fact that someone is masturbating while watching me play with myself. And I must admit, thou I am a bit ashamed I’m just aroused when I know that someone is watching my spy shows and reading my secret sex stories, I feel like I am the main focus of some sort of erotic fantasy. But I am getting to ahead of myself with all this talk about how much I enjoy your attention, so let me get back to my story about my teen sex story, as well as my first orgasm.
I was dating this guy for a half year or something; we were in our last year of high-school when the whole thing happened. He was that kind of guy you masturbate to in the dark of your room. He was tall and slim, his hair was black and long to his shoulders and he had a few hot piercings. It was the look to have at that time, all the boys in the magazines were like that, and every guy wanted to be that tall mysterious teen rock star. There were a lot busty blonde chicks and foxy brunettes with short skirts and flirting skills roaming around him, but for some reason he choose the nerdy little me. I was dressing like a tomboy, with secret sexy lingerie underneath, I had big boobs but they were barely noticeable through my oversized clothes.
One day after school, he bumped into me and my player fell off my pocket. “You’re always with this thing plugged in your ears. Let me see what your poison is!” I couldn’t believe he was talking with me, but as it turned out after that day we were inseparable, we loved the same music, and I was a nerd who knew all about it. He said he loved me for my passion and the way I tell my weird stories. Not to get of the trail, we were dating for almost half a year, we were a couple, and it was electric. His kissed would send me into oblivion and when the day for our first time sex encounter came it was pure fucking magic. I have had sex before but it was nothing special, but I was sure this time it would be different. His parents weren’t home, so we went to his place. There were no romantic candles, no presents and all that teen stuff, he just offered me a drink and he put on our favorite band, and everything was perfect.
We started making out, his tongue all inside my mouth felt so good, and his piercings only made our teenage couple make out even hotter. He took of my oversized shirt, and threw me a smile, like he was expecting me to have sexy lingerie on, then he started sucking on my hard nipples. He was gentle and his every move was making me wet, I couldn’t wait for him to put his cock inside me. I wanted to feel him, to taste him. He went down in kisses until he reached my pants. He asked if he can take them off, and then leaned over to kiss me passionately once more. He started kissing my shaved pussy very gently, then he rolled out his tongue and started licking off my clit, then all over, driving me over the edge. His piercings felt cold against my shaved pussy, and with every touch of his tongue I trembled like the naughty yet amateur teen girl I was. “You like it? „ he asked. I nodded and made a tiny gesture that was meant to make him come kiss me and put his cock inside me, I had yet to master the confidence to ask with words. He smiled then kissed me on my forehead, and looked me in the eyes as he slid his cock inside me. He moved gently and slow, but that soft-core fuck was one of the best I’ve ever had, and with every move of his hips he made me wet, he made me tremble, he made me lust for him. After he ensured I was ok, he kept moving faster, his cock was deeper and deeper inside me and his hands all over my boobs and ass were making it difficult for me not to moan, so put my hands around him, holding on and kissing his neck and shoulders while curling my legs around his waist. “Would you like to be on top?” he asked, I smiled and kissed him passionately, and then I climbed on top off him. He ran his hands all over my back, then down to my ass and my hips, and I kept moving faster and faster, and his cock felt even harder and bigger. I was all wet and kind of ashamed of fucking him that fast while he was touching my boobs and staring directly into my eyes, so I pulled him up as well, and we continued our soft core sex in a passionate embrace. We came together, both with utter satisfaction, tired as fuck and more in love than ever. We laid there in his bed, completely naked, I felt his heart beat as if it wanted to come out in his chest, and for the first time I felt satisfied, I felt contempt. I had my first orgasm that day, and it was that day that made me the naughty live sex girl you know and adore. Come spy on my live web cams and watch me play with myself in my sexy lingerie, after all my passion for it has never changed, even thou I’m no longer shy and I know how to ask and get what I want now.
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Hot lesbian action

It was about time I wrote about the experience that made me bisexual instead of straight right? Grab your lubes boys and girls, this is a hot one. Before beginning my incursion in my personal sex life, I must mention, before this experience I always thought about myself as a straight person, but now I can’t help but fantasize about every hot girl I see, and I can’t imagine not being attracted to a woman, their full rosy lips, their gentle features and creamy pussy. Ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself, and a bit wet at the same time, so let’s get going with my lesbian adventure. You’ll cum to enjoy it, I’m sure.
Cliché as it may be, I was 19, and a college student, I was getting close to none sleep because of all the parties, obviously and somehow, through all of this partying around I ended up at some friend’s house where there was a very interesting party. All the rooms filled up with teen people sitting wherever they found a spot, beds, couches, chairs, pillows on the floor, basically everywhere. I found a spot near the only person I knew at that party, my friend, who was now making up with his girlfriend, as was everyone around there, you were either part of a couple or looking to be one. I was looking around, kind of ashamed because of the entire teen make out sessions going on around me, when a girl came in the room. She had short hair boy-like clothing and a very self-confident attitude; all the girls seemed to pay attention to her like she was some kind of lesbian goddess or something. But for me, it wasn’t her who made me become attracted to women, even thou she tried, and I found out later she wanted to turn every chick she meets into a lesbian, weird and a story for another time, maybe.
I carefully found my way out of the sea of teen couples and drunken people looking to hook up and I remember wishing for a hot guy to come and take me away from there. I ended up in the kitchen, looking for something to drink, when this amazing girl, who looked like she didn’t belong there, or on earth for that matter, came to me and offered me a drink, then asked if I want to get out of here, which was like music to my ears. While we were getting out, some drunken guy yelled at the tomboy lesbian “Hey, A is taking your hot blonde!” I was thinking “What? I surely don’t want to be in one of those lesbian couples?” but I couldn’t seem to be able to pull away from that chick. She had black hair, she was thin but her boobs were big and her eyes were a hazel you could lose yourself in forever. She was leaving a few buildings over, we walked in silence, until she asked me if I want a smoke, and I took it. We got to her place, she turned on a lamp, and all I could see was the ashtray, her bed, and a bookshelf, the rest was pitch dark, and it would turn out to be pitch perfect too. Her laptop was on, and there was an entire Placebo playlist on. To this day I can’t listen to Placebo without reliving that night. She brought two glasses of wine, a pack of cigarettes, and after taking a sip from her wine she put her hand on my face and leaned over to kiss me. Her lips were the softest you can imagine, and her kiss was so delicate and sensual I couldn’t pull away and I almost felt sad when she stopped to take another sip of her wine and smoke. Here I was, a straight girl, looking at a lesbian, getting aroused by the image of the smoke coming out of her sensual mouth and seriously considering watching amateur lesbian porn to learn more about what I can do to please her. But I soon found out I was becoming the amateur, she leaned over again, kissed me harder, then with a soft and sensual touch she let her hand fall down my neck, and a second later she was fondling my boobs. I couldn’t help but follow, but as soon as I touched her boobs she took my hand and started sucking on my finger, then she licked my lips with the tip of her tongue and started undressing me, kissing every inch of skin she was uncovering. When she got to my boobs, she kissed them all over, then she rolled her tongue around my nipples, sucked on them, then she slowly kissed her way down to my pants. She lift he head as if looking for approval, I was all wet and aroused, and I smiled as she went on and took off my pants. She took of my panties, and I heard the first words she uttered “Umm, shaved, and a little landing strip, delicious” and she bended over, licking my clit and putting her fingers inside my pussy. I was moaning like a mad person, struggling not to tremble at every touch of her tongue and lips on my pussy. She kept going, sucking and licking and fingering and I ran my hands down her black hair, clenching my thighs as if feeling guilty for giving in to the pleasure. After I came, she lift her head, dragged her fingers over her lips and the corners of her mouth, then she licked them off. “Not bad, you amateur blonde” she said. We smoked a lot that night, listening to Placebo, drinking wine and talking about all kinds of stuff. In the morning after she woke up I asked “What do you want to have for breakfast?” She said “How about creampie?” and pulled me over. After I left her apartment that was it, I never heard from her again.

Band Fan Fantasy

We met a few months back when I was publicizing a charity event in my hometown. David was the local boy made good and returned to town to help teach children the joys of music, and I volunteered my time and media contacts to help promote the event. We raised a lot of money for musical instruments.
That event turned out to be the first of many collaborations, but the only one to which they invited the public.
Now I felt my irritation growing in the heat, with my faded T-shirt sticking to my back. We were in the middle of nowhere, really, a dusty Midwest town in the midst of the annual summer tour. I wasn’t sure why I decided to meet up with the band.
Until the lights on the stage came up, the music started and David plucked the first few chords on his guitar. I felt a tremor run through my body and I smiled as the crowd cheered. Already I could see the sweat soaking through his black shirt, sticking to the contours of his muscular upper body. It was something in his stance, the way he stood confidently on that stage, that made me want to drop to my knees in front of him.
I made my way through the crowd until I was close to the stage, once again just one of the fans. David grinned the full show like he always did, playing each gig like it was his first one and his last one. It was in the way he moved, the subtle way his hips swayed. Or maybe it was his stocky build and the web of black ink spiraling up his arm. If I could pinpoint exactly what it was, then probably everyone would have it.
After the music died and the crowd began to filter out, I made my way backstage, flashing my lanyard at the guard. I watched for a few seconds as David put his guitar into its case, snapping it closed. He turned around when he felt my gaze upon him.
“Hey, sugar,” he said, dropping a kiss on my lips and he wrapped his arms around my.
“Oohh, you’re sweaty,” I giggled.
“I could say the same thing to you,” he said, nuzzling my neck. He propped me back on my feet and grabbed a backpack from a nearby chair. He pulled on a water bottle until it was empty, leaving it on a side table as they walked out, David’s thick arm around my shoulders.
“Where are we off to?” he asked as they walked into the fragrant scent of the night air.
“The hotel is a block away,” I said.
David grinned. “You don’t want to go out? Have some dinner, see a movie, tour the sights of … wherever the hell we are?”
I shook my head, tendrils of hair falling from my messy ponytail. “Nope.”
In the hotel’s lobby, we were met by its owner, with bad news. He couldn’t get the air conditioner working, so it was hot. Opening a window was about all the advice he could offer as he gave us a portable fan.
It was a clear, moonlit night, casting a silvery light over all. Once the fan was running, the air was still warm but moving at least. David peeled off his shirt, dropping it on the floor. I slipped my arms around his body and, standing on my toes, pressed my lips to his. Slowly, his mouth opened and their tongues slipped past one another. David moaned slightly as he cupped my head in his hands. “God, it’s almost too hot for this,” he said.
I raised an eyebrow, a glint in my green eyes. I ran my hands over his chest, the coarse hair damp, and pulled open his belt. I slid my hand inside his boxer shorts and pulled his cock free. Despite his protestations, he was firm and growing harder as I stroked. I sank to my knees, just like I fantasized earlier, and ran my tongue around the tip of his cock. I looked up at him, innocence feigned in my eyes, before most of his thick member disappeared behind my lips.
As I sucked, and licked, and stroked, David pulled my hair free from its ponytail, tangling his fingers in its thickness. With handfuls of my hair, he pulled me up from my knees and kissed me, pushing his tongue into the place where his cock has just been. “Still think it’s too hot out?” I asked.
David smiled and spun my around toward the bed, giving my tight, denim ass a smack. “Get naked,” David commanded, as he stepped out of his jeans. I pulled off my damp T-shirt and faded, ripped jeans as I climbed on the bed. Beads of sweat ran down my neck and between my small breasts as David pulled my knees apart, sliding a hand up my inner thigh as he buried his face in my pussy.
I purred as my back arched, blissfully enjoying the feel of David’s hot tongue on the folds of my cunt. I felt warmth and wetness rush between my legs. My body was relaxed and yielding as David slid first one, then two fingers inside me, massaging as his tongue flicked and sucked at my clit. “Oh, god …” my hand found David’s free one, which was wrapped around my thigh, and clutched it, digging my nails into the back of his hand.
My other hand slid above my head, getting lost in the crisp white sheets. I scratched at the sheets and the pillows as David pulled me closer and closer to climax. Hair matted against my forehead in the heat, I cared not what I looked like as my pleasure reached its peak and exploded, bliss flooding through my veins and David continued to milk every drop from my body.
David pulled back as I landed on my back on the bed. He looked at me for a few seconds, then grabbed me behind the knees and pulled me toward him, my legs spread and my sex wet and glistening. I reached for him, and he grabbed my hands, pulling me off the bed and onto his lap. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders as David slid his thick, hard cock into my slick pussy.
Our lips met as our bodies did, David moaning against my mouth. One strong arm wrapped around my waist, while his other hand gripped my ass. I wrapped my legs around him.
We felt the heat now. The air barely moved, despite the fan whirring in the background. Drops of sweat ran from our pores, finding little rivers in the creases and folds of our bodies. I felt lightheaded, gripping David to keep me grounded in the room. We kissed, licking salty sweat from our skin. David squeezed my ass, making me jump from the sting as he slapped it.
I could feel him getting close - his breathing became ragged, his fingers pinched my flesh and he pulled me into him. He grabbed a handful of hair, slammed his cock into my hot, wet pussy as the lines of pain and pleasure blurred into ecstasy. David came, his seed spilling into my body, his breath hot on my neck. My arms and legs squeezed David as the pounding of his heart slowed and he relaxed, his chest heaving from the pleasure and the effort as he laid back on the bed, his head nearly hanging off the foot. I sat on him, his cock still inside my, as I caught my breath too.
“Ok, maybe it wasn’t too hot for that,” David said, giggling, as the fan passed our direction, fluttering my hair in the faint breeze.

Naked in the Moonlight

Don was the brother of my best friend. He was a few years older I was and damn good looking. One night after attending a party in which I had a little too much to drink I found myself sitting nude on the back porch of my bff's house. I had already sobered up but I wasn’t in any hurry to get dressed because I thought it was just she and I there for the night.
Don comes walking thru the gate about 2:00am. He sees me sitting there on the steps of the deck and waved and as he approached he then noticed I was completely naked. I always had a thing for Don so I really wasn’t that embarrassed. Hell, I was 18 and looking good. The look on his face I will never forget… He sat across from me and said, “Well, I guess you aren’t as shy as I thought you were”. I replied “Nope… It just felt like a nice night to be naked”. He jokingly stated, "Well I aught to get naked too then huh?" When I said, “I wouldn’t mind”. He wasted no time.
Before standing he kicked off his boots while unbuttoning his shirt. As he stood his shirt dropped and then a moment later revealing his semi hard cock swinging back and forth. I leaned back parting my legs just enough to show him my dark haired muff. He stepped in and spread my legs and bent down and kissed me. I could feel the head of his cock rubbing my bush gently. He then kneeled on the bottom step and began to suck and kiss my perfect little titties.
After working his way down my belly with kisses and licks he then began to lick my pussy. He opened it with 2 fingers and probed his tongue inside giving off a gentle moan, as he tasted it for the first time. After a few moments of that he began kissing his way back up my body and just as he reached my lips the tip of his now hard dick slid just inside my wet pussy.
I grabbed his ass with both hands trying to get him to enter me deeper but he resisted… Kind of smirked and told me “ slow down girl… your going to get it all”. And then without any warning he thrust his hips forward forcing the full length of his cock inside me all at once. I gasped with pain and pleasure as he began to fuck me like a wild man. It was almost scary at first… But that faded quickly into all pleasure as our rhythms synced together and we began to just enjoy the animalistic raw sexual energy between us.
We fucked for an hour out on that deck under the stars… Only breaking long enough to put me on top for a bit or for Him to rearrange my legs to make sure his cock hit every spot inside my pussy. I told him I was Cumming he started pounding my sore swollen pussy even harder… My juices flushed out soaking his balls and thighs and he quickly pulled out and aimed his cock at my sweat-covered tits… The first shot of his cum hit me on my neck and chin… it was so hot as the rest spilled onto my tits.
He grinned and looked at my naked body while the last few drops of cum slowly dripped on me. He said, “I always knew I was going to fuck you… just didn’t know when”. I told him” I always knew you were going to fuck me… and I knew exactly when”.
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The Farm

Good Christian girls do NOT normally do things like this I am told. But I think they DO more often than you might think. Summer after boring summer I spent on the family farm in Tennessee... I had a few chores but Daddy hired out most work because it was just to much for a little 95 pound skinny girl to do.

I knew most of the guys he would hire from School or church. One of those boys was Barry. Now Barry was kinda shy with dark curly hair and built stocky. But he had an innocence that I just adored. One afternoon I had been laying out in the back yard working on my tan and I saw Barry enter the barn trying not to stare and make it obvious he had spotted me in my bikini. At first I giggled about it but then I thought... Why not? Everyone else is going to be on the other side of the farm for the afternoon.

I popped up and headed to the barn. As I walked in Barry was stacking some hay that had fallen over. He tried to hide his glances at my barely covered body... But he wasn't doing a very good job *giggle... I just walked over and began to help stack... bending over right in front of him making sure my ass was in perfect view of his hungry eyes. And boy was it ever.

I could quickly see by his uncomfortable twitching and sweating that this guy NOW had a fully erect penis under those overalls. I backed into it "accidentally" of course *giggle... He turned quickly and said "Excuse me... I didn't mean too" and I cut him off and said its alright... I did it... He stood there is a stunned silence... I turned around and bent over and asked "Would you like to see it for real"? His head began nodding as he tried to say yes... I slipped down by bikini bottoms kicking them to the side exposing my ass and pussy as he grinned a little...

Still bent over I said now you got to show me yours... He wasted NO time and PROUDLY pulled out a massive 9 inch rock hard cock that I DID NOT expect. I know the look on MY face was now the same as his... He stepped forward slipping his large hot flesh stick in the crack of my ass... I just moaned and positioned myself for entry... He grabbed my hips with those calloused hands and gently slid that throbbing monster into me... he began real slow as my juices began to make his cock slip easier into my tight pussy and he built up speed squeezing my hips tight as his bis sweaty balls started to smack up onto my now soaking wet bush...

He was giving my pussy the BEST pounding it had ever had! I began to cum and moan louder and louder... his hard thrusting at first pressing the threshold between pleasure and pain quickly became ALL pleasure as my warm juices began to flow down the inside of both of my legs. And then he pushed forward releasing what seemed to be a gallon of cum in to the deepest part of my pussy I had EVER had it... His hands tightened on my hips as he released the last few drops and slid out of me. Now I THOUGHT I would be doing HIM a favor when I started this but I benefited WAY more than I EVER expected from this experience. And summers on the farm have not been boring since... *winkers
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Neighbors noise complaints

Hey guys, my name is lushpeach and I am a little embarrassed tonight, well, maybe a little, but actually a little turned on. I have a little story to tell you about what happened after my lingerie camshow last night. I just recently moved into this area and got myself a small apartment, I didn't think anything about what I do when I got it, camshows are pretty harmless, right? Or so I thought. In my last place, I lived in a house and no one lived anywhere close to me, but since moving to the city, I have neighbors and I met one of them last night.

Right as I was getting done with my show and putting my lingerie back on for a quiet dinner and movie, there was a very loud knock on my door, almost like the other side was trying to knock the damn door down. I went to answer it and when I opened the door, there was a big guy standing there and he did NOT look happy and in the panic, I forgot to cover myself up so I still was half naked when I opened the door, and lucky thing too, that seemed to shock him enough where he lost some of the rage in his face. He asked what all the noise was about, he had to work early and it was late. I proceeded to tell him what I do and apologized and told him that I'd try and keep it down. I had never had neighbors before so I had a little to learn about how to man age that.

As it happened, he was newly single and alone and he liked what he seen before him I guess and he invited me to dinner the next night. He was so hot that I had to say yes, oh and I kind of owed him that much since I had kept him up all night with my loud masturbating on my lingerie camshow, when I get involved with a show, I forget how loud I get when I get my pussy hot enough to cum! I am anxious to see how this is going to play out and I think I know what I'll be thinking about for my next show! Wow!! Was he ever hot! And I didn't even get his name!
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Caught on cams at my mums house

Hi guys , my name is Marry and I am 20 years old, I moved back in with my mum to save money on living expenses for school and while I am here, I thought I’d just do a few lowkey softcore cam shows so I wouldn’t get caught by my mum for shooting what she would call porn, in her house. I love doing my shows and I love talking to you all, and yes, I even love taking off my clothes and rubbing my tight little shaved pussy while you watch, talk about making me hot, that can do it as fast as anything else. But oh boy!! I had some serious talking to do to get out of what happened last night.

I had finished my show and was about to get in the shower and my mom comes knocking on my door, and I knew I had been quiet, so I couldn’t think she was going to ask me about any noises or what I was doing or anything. I opened the door and was all innocent and so on and there she stood, I didn’t think too much but then she said it: “I knew you’d be tired after your trip, so I made you some soup and a sandwich”, and here I am thinking this is the end of it and I gave her a hug and told her how much I loved her for being so thoughtful.

I took the tray and she was about to leave, but then she turned around and I could see there was something on her mind. My mother, the person who gave me life was standing there and what she said next nearly gave me a stroke, and not the good kind you do to your pussy, I almost passed dead out in the floor. She says “And dear, you may want to go out more and meet some guys, there isn’t much love in masturbating, at least buy a vibrator or something, and keep the noise down, I heard you all the way down the hall.”

I just wanted to die, laughing that is. She thought I was rubbing my own pussy in the solitude of her house, she couldn’t even get in her head that I was live on my softcore camshows doing the nasty to my pussy while everyone watched me!
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