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Erotic stories are only as good as their authors. Fortunately for I Spy Live fans, we have a collection of the best erotica written by gorgeous models that you can interact with right here on the same website via their webcams as well. Find out if the story that turned you on most is a big of creative fiction, or a real life event being reenacted in text so that your sexy muse can share some of her most personal intimate moments with you in a whole new way. Then go even deeper and turn your own fantasy sessions into webcam realities right now!

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Sex By the Fire

I let my fingertips trace the curve of my smooth, white breast, stopping to curl around my erect nipple. Despite the warmth from the fire in which I was nestled in front of, my nipples were hard and getting harder as Seth sucked and nibbled at the other.
I moaned, turning my slight smile toward the fire. I ran my other hand through his hair, dragging my neat and trim manicure across his scalp and down the nape of his neck. He nipped harder in response, sending a ripple of electricity directly between my legs, which were spread wide as Seth massaged my most sensitive parts.
My body relaxed at the same time it rose with every stroke from Seth’s confident hands. I turned my head and kissed him, full and deep, as his fingers slid back and forth over my slick clit. When they slid inside, just as full and deep as their kiss, my back arched to draw him in deeper.
It was getting harder to breathe, as Seth quickened his stroke. I wanted to enjoy it, every last moment, remaining as relaxed as possible to savor the rise, to float on the edge of the cliff before diving off in a rush of pleasure. I stretched my arms above my head, letting out a little moan. Reaching forward, I pulled Seth toward me for another lingering kiss.
My mouth open like my pussy, I wanted more of him inside me. His tongue exploring, just like his fingers probed and stroked below. My hips rocked in time with his movement, his fingers slick with my juices plunged deeper and deeper with each push. Warmth spread and I felt myself on the edge, knowing I was going over, but drawing every last second I could in this nether world between arousal and climax. It was my favorite part - if I was being honest - this moment before orgasm when the world fell away and I was in a state of unparalleled bliss.
Seth murmured in my ear as I cried out. I couldn’t make out what he said and it didn’t matter because I simply didn’t care. The waves of pleasure rolled through me, making my body limper and limper as I lay on the pillows scattered about the floor. As my rapid breathing eased, Seth’s lips whispered against the skin of my tummy, trailing kisses from my belly button to my lips.
Still on my back, Seth slid his muscular frame on top of me, placing his chiseled forearms above my shoulders to allow himself to look down at my pale face. It was intimate. He could see my half-lidded eyes look down for his cock, my slight smile as I took its weight in my hands, feeling its length and squeezing its girth, before guiding him gently to my slick, wet cunt. One smooth push and he was deep inside, my pussy gripping his member as he carefully drew it from me.
Like me, he wanted to savor each push, withdrawing almost completely before sliding his cock back in. I dragged my fingernails down his back and up his ribcage, my touch light but alighting the nerves in his skin. The fire kept them warm, stopping the cold, moonlit night from entering their cozy den.
I felt his body stiffening; his breath on my neck coming faster and hotter. I wrapped my long dancer’s legs around his waist, squeezing him. He reached down and grabbed my thigh, pulling me toward him as his thrusts became more violent. A lock of blonde hair fell out of place and dangled across his forehead. Something between a moan and a sigh, the grip of his fingers in my leg, told me he found the same spot he brought me to only a few minutes before. I brushed the hair from his eyes, kissing his lips, his ear, his neck as his orgasm ended and his body relaxed into mine.
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Anal Affairs

I tapped my hotel card against the electronic lock and pushed the door open. It was quiet and I peeked around the corner to see Ethan sprawled out in bed, the sheets rumpled, on his back. He opened his eyes and smiled. “Hey stranger.”
“Hey,” I said, gingerly climbing on to the bed and laying my head on the pillow next to his. He was so beautiful - jet-black hair, slightly longish so it fell across his forehead; tanned skin and a wide smile that still made my heart melt. I placed my hand gently on his cheek.
His brow furrowed slightly above his deep blue eyes. “Are you okay?”
I nodded. Ethan let the silence linger. “It was really good,” I said.
I sighed. “He didn’t care about me,” I said. “I didn’t realize how much of a difference that made.”
Ethan smiled and pulled me onto his chest, embracing my. “He didn’t hurt you, did he?” he asked quietly, kissing the top of my head.
“No more than was necessary,” she said, lifting my head to show him I was smiling, and planting a full kiss on his lips. “What about me?”
Ethan shrugged. “A little vanilla, by our standards,” he winked.
I laughed. “Really?”
I kissed him again, and embracing me he rolled me on to my back, sliding his hand up my body to my face. I felt his body tightening and I noticed he was still naked under the sheets. His touch, the way his body pressed into mine made my desire start to climb and I was soon pulling and grabbing at his body as much as he was at mine. Running his hands over my naked body, he felt the tender skin of my ass. “Honey …,” he said. “My favorite part,” he giggled. His face turned serious. “Did he fuck you this time?”
I shook my head. “No.”
“Good,” he said, rolling off my. “Get the lube out of my suitcase.”
I climbed out of the bed and did as I was told, as Ethan slid to the end of the bed and sat on the corner, leaning back on his elbows. I handed him the bottle of lubricant before sinking to my knees in front of him. I grabbed his cock in my hand and firmly stroked him into full erection. With a smile, I licked a drip of liquid from the tip.
After fully slicking up his cock, I turned my back to him and slowly lowered myself onto his staff, feeling it stretch my ass like a very intimate massage. It slid easily, and my body responded to its familiarity, relaxing and pulling him further inside. Ethan wrapped his arms around me, his hands running up and down my inner thigh and cupping my breast. I placed my hand over his and guided it to my cunt, and his fingers played with my wet clit.
The night before flashed through my mind - the pain, the pleasure, the fear, the exhilaration. The safety and comfort of being back in Ethan’s arms. My orgasm came fast, and I laid my head back on his shoulder as I let it wash over me. His grip tightened on my hip and he ground his cock into my ass as his orgasm followed mine.
I turned my head to kiss his cheek. “Your face smells like pussy,” I said.
He grinned. “You have cum in your hair.”

Band Fan Fantasy

We met a few months back when I was publicizing a charity event in my hometown. David was the local boy made good and returned to town to help teach children the joys of music, and I volunteered my time and media contacts to help promote the event. We raised a lot of money for musical instruments.
That event turned out to be the first of many collaborations, but the only one to which they invited the public.
Now I felt my irritation growing in the heat, with my faded T-shirt sticking to my back. We were in the middle of nowhere, really, a dusty Midwest town in the midst of the annual summer tour. I wasn’t sure why I decided to meet up with the band.
Until the lights on the stage came up, the music started and David plucked the first few chords on his guitar. I felt a tremor run through my body and I smiled as the crowd cheered. Already I could see the sweat soaking through his black shirt, sticking to the contours of his muscular upper body. It was something in his stance, the way he stood confidently on that stage, that made me want to drop to my knees in front of him.
I made my way through the crowd until I was close to the stage, once again just one of the fans. David grinned the full show like he always did, playing each gig like it was his first one and his last one. It was in the way he moved, the subtle way his hips swayed. Or maybe it was his stocky build and the web of black ink spiraling up his arm. If I could pinpoint exactly what it was, then probably everyone would have it.
After the music died and the crowd began to filter out, I made my way backstage, flashing my lanyard at the guard. I watched for a few seconds as David put his guitar into its case, snapping it closed. He turned around when he felt my gaze upon him.
“Hey, sugar,” he said, dropping a kiss on my lips and he wrapped his arms around my.
“Oohh, you’re sweaty,” I giggled.
“I could say the same thing to you,” he said, nuzzling my neck. He propped me back on my feet and grabbed a backpack from a nearby chair. He pulled on a water bottle until it was empty, leaving it on a side table as they walked out, David’s thick arm around my shoulders.
“Where are we off to?” he asked as they walked into the fragrant scent of the night air.
“The hotel is a block away,” I said.
David grinned. “You don’t want to go out? Have some dinner, see a movie, tour the sights of … wherever the hell we are?”
I shook my head, tendrils of hair falling from my messy ponytail. “Nope.”
In the hotel’s lobby, we were met by its owner, with bad news. He couldn’t get the air conditioner working, so it was hot. Opening a window was about all the advice he could offer as he gave us a portable fan.
It was a clear, moonlit night, casting a silvery light over all. Once the fan was running, the air was still warm but moving at least. David peeled off his shirt, dropping it on the floor. I slipped my arms around his body and, standing on my toes, pressed my lips to his. Slowly, his mouth opened and their tongues slipped past one another. David moaned slightly as he cupped my head in his hands. “God, it’s almost too hot for this,” he said.
I raised an eyebrow, a glint in my green eyes. I ran my hands over his chest, the coarse hair damp, and pulled open his belt. I slid my hand inside his boxer shorts and pulled his cock free. Despite his protestations, he was firm and growing harder as I stroked. I sank to my knees, just like I fantasized earlier, and ran my tongue around the tip of his cock. I looked up at him, innocence feigned in my eyes, before most of his thick member disappeared behind my lips.
As I sucked, and licked, and stroked, David pulled my hair free from its ponytail, tangling his fingers in its thickness. With handfuls of my hair, he pulled me up from my knees and kissed me, pushing his tongue into the place where his cock has just been. “Still think it’s too hot out?” I asked.
David smiled and spun my around toward the bed, giving my tight, denim ass a smack. “Get naked,” David commanded, as he stepped out of his jeans. I pulled off my damp T-shirt and faded, ripped jeans as I climbed on the bed. Beads of sweat ran down my neck and between my small breasts as David pulled my knees apart, sliding a hand up my inner thigh as he buried his face in my pussy.
I purred as my back arched, blissfully enjoying the feel of David’s hot tongue on the folds of my cunt. I felt warmth and wetness rush between my legs. My body was relaxed and yielding as David slid first one, then two fingers inside me, massaging as his tongue flicked and sucked at my clit. “Oh, god …” my hand found David’s free one, which was wrapped around my thigh, and clutched it, digging my nails into the back of his hand.
My other hand slid above my head, getting lost in the crisp white sheets. I scratched at the sheets and the pillows as David pulled me closer and closer to climax. Hair matted against my forehead in the heat, I cared not what I looked like as my pleasure reached its peak and exploded, bliss flooding through my veins and David continued to milk every drop from my body.
David pulled back as I landed on my back on the bed. He looked at me for a few seconds, then grabbed me behind the knees and pulled me toward him, my legs spread and my sex wet and glistening. I reached for him, and he grabbed my hands, pulling me off the bed and onto his lap. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders as David slid his thick, hard cock into my slick pussy.
Our lips met as our bodies did, David moaning against my mouth. One strong arm wrapped around my waist, while his other hand gripped my ass. I wrapped my legs around him.
We felt the heat now. The air barely moved, despite the fan whirring in the background. Drops of sweat ran from our pores, finding little rivers in the creases and folds of our bodies. I felt lightheaded, gripping David to keep me grounded in the room. We kissed, licking salty sweat from our skin. David squeezed my ass, making me jump from the sting as he slapped it.
I could feel him getting close - his breathing became ragged, his fingers pinched my flesh and he pulled me into him. He grabbed a handful of hair, slammed his cock into my hot, wet pussy as the lines of pain and pleasure blurred into ecstasy. David came, his seed spilling into my body, his breath hot on my neck. My arms and legs squeezed David as the pounding of his heart slowed and he relaxed, his chest heaving from the pleasure and the effort as he laid back on the bed, his head nearly hanging off the foot. I sat on him, his cock still inside my, as I caught my breath too.
“Ok, maybe it wasn’t too hot for that,” David said, giggling, as the fan passed our direction, fluttering my hair in the faint breeze.

Fuck Me In My Ass

"Fuck me in my ass,” she moans.
I am kneeling behind her doing her doggie style and not really listening to anything she is saying.
“In my ass,” she arches her spine pushing back against my hips. “Cum in my ass.”
The words finally make sense to my sex addled brain. She wants me to fuck her in the ass, I stop thrusting into her.
“Oh, fuck,” she is rocking back and forward on her knees, working herself on my now stationary cock.
I am close to coming
She pushes back harder, pushing me deep into her.
“My ass, my ass,” she pleads.
“What?” I can feel her squeezing hard on my cock.
“Oh, God!” she rocks herself hard, ass grinding into my hips, for a few seconds.
I can feel my own orgasm starting to push for release.
“My ass,” she pulls away and my cock slips from her pussy.
I thrust into thin air. “What?” my head is spinning and my cock is suddenly cold. I open my eyes.
Her shoulders are on the bed and her ass up in the air. She twists back to grab my cock. “My ass,” she pants. “Cum in my ass.” She pushes the head of my cock between her ass cheeks.
“Holy Fuck,” I look down and see the tip of my cock pushing against her asshole.
“Come on,” she pants. “Fuck me.”
I grab her hips, my orgasm forgotten for the moment as I realize that I am about to fuck a girl in the ass for the first time.
“Come on, what are you fucking about for!”
I look down at her winking brown asshole.
“Do me hard,” her voice is heavy, her breath fast. “Do my ass,” pant, pant. “Do it!”
I push the head of my cock against her asshole. I’ve never done this before. I had asked a couple of girls and got my face slapped each time. Now this girl, who I’d only picked up in a bar a few hours previously, is begging me to do her ass.
“Oh, fucking hell,” I scream, as she pushes back against my cock. I thrust forward and it’s like a virgin cunt sucking in my long hard cock. Hot and soft and tight.
Really, really fucking tight.
I let out a scream as I sink my cock straight to the hilt. Her cunt kissing my balls as she thrusts back up against me.
“Fuck me you bastard! Fuck me now!”
I don’t know what the happens next. I can feel her hips in my hands. I am pounding away for all I’m worth. My cock feels like it is on fire. My balls are going to explode, if my brain doesn’t first. I pound and pound into her. And she pushes back, even harder than I’m doing her. She wants to ram every inch of my cock into her tight ass. And I’m just fucking along for the ride.
And she is pounding back against me.
And I’m no longer doing the fucking. I’m being fucked and I’m loving every second of it.
And then my whole body explodes. And is sucked into my balls and squeezed out my cock. Her ass clamps down so hard I feel as if my cock is going to be snapped off.
I know I am pumping hot cum into her deep into her bowels.
I know I let out a long, primeval scream.
I know I am squeezing so hard that my fingers will leave bruise marks on her hips.
But all I can feel is the intense heat of the supernova that explodes in my head – forever.
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The Biker Camshow

So of COURSE I don't spend ALL my time on here Ladies. On occasion I like to ride my motorcycle down to the local watering hole for a few drinks and some quick witted banter with the waitress that LOVES to hassle me about what I do for a living.
Tammie has been serving me drinks for about 2 years now. She's a good looking, late 30's, divorcee with a couple of young kids. Dark haired and built nice... not like a skinny 20 year old but what I refer to as a "REAL Woman". Not exactly what most guys are looking to "hook up" with for the night because of the kids. And not that she is looking for that anyway. She DEFINITELY takes being a Mommy seriously. She flirts enough to make the tips but never leads anyone on.
So on this particular night she informs me that she FINALLY looked up my cam and watched. I could tell she was embarrassed admitting it but after 2 years I just smiled and said "Its about time"... I then posed the question "Well"? She knew I was picking on her... replying, "Well what"? I said... "Did you like what you saw"? I was going for a blush since over the years SHE had made me blush countless times informing other ladies at the bar that they could go online and see me naked. Instead she surprised me with "I liked it VERY much" and promptly ran to take care of another customer. I had never really considered her this way... I was excited about her in a way I didn't expect to be.
After closing the place down once AGAIN I offered her a "Free ride on my Harley" like I had done a million times before that was usually met with... I got to get home to my kids... On this night she replied... "Are you serious" I just smiled and said "Get on". We rode into the night for about an hour... her arms wrapped tightly around me as I sat nestled between her pretty bare legs on either side of me. On occasion I would take my left hand and squeeze her leg just to let her know we were on this ride together and I hadn't forgot about her.
I pulled in front of her Apartment holding her hand as she got off the bike... I was intending on saying goodnight and leaving it like that but before I could say anything she kissed me... very slowly and deeply placing her hands on either side of my face. When she stopped she said "Thank you... Best time I have had in YEARS... And I meant it when I said I liked what I saw". I was shocked by her forwardness... But Damn she was HOT! I had just never looked at her this way before. I wanted her... And she wanted me! I said "well maybe sometime"... She cut me off... Kids are at their fathers for the weekend... I KNEW what was next.
She had her dress off before she made it thru her living room as she headed for the shower... My GOD her almost 40 year old ass was PERFECT! I followed as she started she shower she then turned and said "Join me"? I started to undress as I watched her expertly unsnap her bra with one hand as she loosened her hair from its bun an allowed it to fall over her shoulders. Her Breasts were nice and full and that little tuft of dark pussy hair was a refreshing site after a LIFETIME of shaven 20 year olds.
She lathered her body quickly and then started on mine. My chest and shoulders as my hands began to slip over her soap slicked tits her hot tongue swirling inside my mouth as her slippery hands found my ass and mine quickly found hers... My cock was FULLY erect now as she grabbed it for the first time. kneeling enough to allow it to slide between her beautiful tits before letting the shower clean the soap of of it enough so she could saftely slip the tip into her mouth.
I then quickly spun her around and started fucking her from behind... I couldnt contain it any more... her beautiful ass grinding against my hips as my cock slipped in and out of her hungry cunt. My hands firmly on her heavy wet tits as she thrust herself backwards taking every inch as deep as she could. I could no longer resist that ass... I slid my cock out and rubbed it across her asshole... She moaned with delight... I started to gently slip in the tip as she jerked a little I stopped and she slowly began to work her ass over it. It was so tight I thought my dick would explode... But we began to move together in a rhythm that satisfied us both. Here I was fucking this MILF I had never thought I would or COULD fuck in the ASS in her shower and there SHE was being the naughty Mommy that she desperately needed to be for the first time in a LOG time.
After several minutes like this we shut off the shower and went to her bed where we fucked, sucked and explored each other for HOURS in a flurry of multi mutual orgasmic passion until just before dawn. My cock had NEVER been that sore and she had completely exhausted EVERY frustrating sexual desire she had pent up inside herself for years. I watched her sleeping just before I slipped out the door. That was the most peaceful look I had EVER seen on her face since I had met her. I could NEVER look at her or ANY middle aged Mommy the same again!
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She Fucked My Best Friend

Will was a buddy of mine that had a crush on my wife Samantha for YEARS… He was always telling me how hot she was and how much he wanted to fuck her. It never really bothered me… Hell, I felt the same way. And it was always a turn on for me thinking about another guy fucking her. She laughed it off for a long time until this one night.
Will had come over and we hung in my shop talking and catching up. After a while my wife Sam came out to see what we were up to and to chat with us. Wills eyes were glued on Sam as usual. Her black tights showing every curve and a loose fitting white blouse that had a transparency I had always enjoyed.
Over the years she had teased Will and even flashed him a few times but tonight she had a devilish look in her eye and It didn’t take me long to figure out this was going to be the best night of Will’s life. And actually for my wife and me too.
It didn’t take Will long to extend a few of his flirt lines at Sam… She boldly looked at him and said “Tim (That’s me) says you want to fuck me REALLY bad”? Will’s shocked face was priceless as he said “Uh… Yeah”. She said… “Really? I never knew you were serious”. He said “FUCK YEAH I’M SERIOUS”! She then said, “Well what would your new wife think”? To which he replied, “ I don’t care WHAT she would think… I have wanted this for to long”
In her little teasing way she smiled and said “well I am going to have to think about it a minute”. She looked at me and said, “What do you think”? I said, “Hell… as long as I get to watch I don’t care”. She looked at him and sad “So if I bend over here and let you do me doggy style that would make you happy and fulfill your biggest fantasy”? He said, “OH HELL YES” She flipped her long dark hair and said “Well then, lets do it”.
She stepped in front of me and looked me right in the eye with that devilish grin and casually shed her pants exposing her dark muff and her beautiful silky smooth white ass. Will’s eyes bugged as he soaked in her half naked beauty. He had seen it in pictures over the years but here it was in person like he had dreamed of. “Well, Are you ready”? She asked. He quickly rose to his feet still in shock.
Fumbling for his belt and zipper Will finally slid his pants down without any embarrassment whatsoever exposing his fully erect cock. Will was about 6 ft 4 and his large cock was in proportion to his large size. Sam placed her hands on my shoulders and bent slightly pushing her sweet little ass outward for Will to enjoy. He stepped up and asked he he could have a quick taste. She said she didn’t care and she began to kiss me.
Will went on his knees and plunged his tongue into Sam’s pussy from behind. Her kiss became more aggressive as he began licking her pussy and asshole while his hands rubbed her ass and legs. And one found its way up her shirt feeling her huge tits swaying gently back and fourth braless under her loose fitting shirt. He was trying to experience everything he had ever dreamed of as fast as he could. I pulled my cock out and Sam and I took turns stroking it. Eventually his hands found their way back to her ass gripping it firmly so he could expose as much of her open pussy as he could to lick.
Will stood up and with the warning “this wont take long” he was reassured by Sam that that was fine. He then bent at his knees and gently inserted the tip of his throbbing cock in to Sams now soaked pussy. Sam gently pushed back allowing her pussy to gobble up every hard inch of Wills cock. Sam was stroking my cock as Will began to slowly pick up his pace. Her titties heaving back and fourth as Will picks her up with both hands firmly on her waist he finally stands straight up as Sams feet rise off the floor and she then wraps her legs around his legs.
Wills pace slowly intensifies as he feels Sam’s pussy juices lubricating her pussy walls allowing his cock to slide deeper and easier into her pretty little pleasure maker. Her hands grip my shoulders tighter as the full length of Wills Cock starts probing the deepest parts of her cunt. Watching her getting fucked so good has made my own cock explode in my own hand.
Wills thrusts are beginning to slow but hit harder. Sam knows he is close to cumming and she looks at me and begins cumming herself releasing a shower of her hot juices down Wills legs while squeezing my arms tightly as he lunges forward and begins erupting his hot cum deep inside her twitching love box with a few violent thrusts that soon taper to a gentle stroking as he milks every drop of cum inside her he can.
Sam wastes no time gathering her pants and giving me a quick kiss while heading out the door back to the house. She looks back at Will and asked, “Well, Was it all you thought it would be”? To which Will exclaimed… “Oh hell yes… It was everything I ever dreamed it would be”!
And with her little devilish satisfied grin as she walked off with the satisfaction of knowing she made a couple fantasies come true that night.

Milf squirting hardcore

MILF’s need love to right? Donna was NO exception. 48, long curly blonde hair, still built pretty good for a mother of 2 grown daughters. She used to do her yard work in her cutoff jean shorts and a various 80’s band t-shirt usually tied in a knot just under her heavy big tits. And always with a mixed drink that she would gladly offer you a taste even though I was only 18.
The first time I fucked her it was a hot summer afternoon. I spotted her on her knees in her back yard and I quickly rushed over to catch a view of those big tits while I had the advantage of height. We made small talk while she worked and I got plenty of time to enjoy those tits bouncing inside that shirt… enough time to get fully hard without even realizing it.
She looked up noticing my embarrassing predicament about the same time I did. Without missing a beat she said “ oh my, I guess you like older women huh”? All I could do at that moment was nod yes. She stood up and wiped the dirt off her knees and then hands and grabbed my hand and said, “Come with me… Let Donna take care of that”.
She leads me over to her picnic table where she unbuttons her shorts and slides them down and while stepping out of them she pulls her shirt off releasing those big fat tits I had tried so hard to see. Now there they were right in front of me naked and beautiful. She sat on the edge of the table and said, “Your turn”. I quickly shed my shorts and shirt while looking around to make sure no one was looking while hoping in the back of my mind that maybe one of my friends was so someone would believe this was happening to me.
She sat gently on the tables edge and spread her legs exposing her hairy pussy to me. I took a nervous step foreword and she grabbed my cock and began to work it into her fuzzy pussy while laying one of the hottest kisses I have EVER had in my life on me. Her pussy was so easy to slip into because it was so wet. Before I knew it I was sliding my entire cock inside her as her hands found my ass and began to set the pace.
We fucked and kissed like that for a while and then she quit kissing me and leaned back and just stared at me while I picked up pace… She said, “Do you need to cum”? I nodded yes and said “sorry”. She assured me that it was fine, but I had to PROMISE that NEXT time SHE got to cum first. I agreed and pulled out just as the jizz began squirting from my cock onto her pussy… Her hand finding my balls as I grabbed my dripping wet cock and sprayed her soaking gash with my final squirts. She pulled me in once more for another passionate kiss that left me wanting more… and that’s just what she intended on doing.

3 Whores on 1 guy in public

So there I was, after one of our hardcore camshow scenes and I was ready for some fun… Me and my 2 besties drinking and having a great time on the dance floor of a jam packed club on campus when out of nowhere Ricky just appears in my face. His beautiful dark Italian complexion flashing in the lights hung above the dance floor and piercing eyes that all of a sudden made me feel like we were the only people in the room.

At first I thought I was standing in his way but when I tried to step to the side his hand grabbed my arm and I wasn’t going anywhere. It was then I noticed that we were both still dancing… his crotch bumping into my lower belly and mine rubbing his leg. I don’t know what come over me but the next thing I knew I was on my knees unzipping his pants… His semi hard cock springing from its confines popped into my awaiting mouth and immediately grew to its full rock hard splendor… I gobbled it up with my hot wet mouth and grabbed it with both hands. His dance moves became steady strokes between my hands as the end of his dick started frothing pre-cum in my mouth.

My girlfriends stood on either side of him still dancing and laughing in disbelief of what I was doing on a dance floor- In public- WITH A COMPLETE STRANGER!!! He took turns kissing one and then the other as their hands roamed over his partially exposed chest and down his back to his firm brown ass. His hips jerked forward as his hot cum exploded into my mouth… Part of the first shot running down my chin do to the sudden surprise but with every following lunge I swallowed every drop as I began to twirl my now sticky tongue around the twitching tip of his cock. And as I stood up to see the look on his face he disappeared into the surrounding crowd as quickly as he had appeared. My girlfriends now completely shocked at our behavior and totally wet form the experience as I was each started kissing me as if to share his taste and make sure it was real… and it was… But that was just the beginning of that wild night… It got MUCH better….. After all… How do you think I found out his name was Ricky?