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My first swingers experience

Hello darlings, your favorite sex chat model here. I know you’ve been lusting to hear a few of my secret sex stories, so yesterday night after my show I grabbed a bottle of wine and got to thinking about what should my first story be about. I had many interesting adventures, so it was really hard to choose which one to write first. Since this is the first story I’m writing, it may as well be a story about one of my naughtiest first times, so here goes: the story about my first swinger’s experience.
I’m a party girl, and I love dressing sexy and going out with my boyfriend, we go out to dinner then we head for the clubs where we party all night long. Naturally we meet new and interesting people all over, and on the special night this story is about we met a lovely couple. The guy was a tall and good looking person, dressed very nicely, with an elegant white shirt and a black tie, kind of an office outfit that really turned me on, and he had a really nice looking beard, very well groomed. The girl, very alluring herself, a busty blonde with a hot ass and a nice looking dress that made all of her features really pop, I wanted to run my hands all over that body of hers. We drank all night, and told a lot of stories, and everyone was already a little tipsy when the girl said “I don’t really have any girlfriends, chicks just don’t like me”, and I said “Well, that is surely because you’re so damn hot, they’re just jealous girls with lack of self-confidence. I know I’d love to hang out with you.” No need to say, wherever there’s two hot girls getting along guys fall into their lesbian fantasies and pull all kinds of tricks to make them happen, so her boyfriend said we should kiss to celebrate the new found friendship. She was definitely my type, and I knew my boyfriend wouldn’t mind, so I went for it. She smiled at me, and then we did a couple of shots and started kissing. Her lips were a bit wet from the shots we just had, but they were very soft and inviting, and her tongue still had the bittersweet taste of the shot. It felt so good I could barely stop myself. I turned over to see the reaction of the guys, and they had big smiles on their faces. A few drinks and sexy kisses later, the girl leaned over me, gently whispering in my ear “You know, brunettes like you are just my type, and you’re husband is kind of hot, so why don’t you guys come over to our place? It will be fun, I promise”. I looked at my boyfriend and said “Guess what honey? „And he replied impatiently “They’re swingers, I know, Paul told me”. I smiled and he smiled back at me, so I knew he agreed with what I was about to say. “Sure, we’d love to.” I said, so we left for their place.
When we got there, she opened a bottle of wine, and we toasted for the special event and to new sexual experiences. “So, how should we do this? It’s kind of the first time for us…”said my boyfriend. “If the girls wouldn’t mind, I would like to twist things around a bit” Paul said, he took my hand and kissed me passionately, his tongue wildly dancing in my mouth, then he put his hand on my neck, and kissed my earlobe very sensually. “I say we should put on some music while we’re at it „Amy said and she put on some slow music, and made the guys sit on the leather couch. We dance sensually with each other, I had my hands around her hips and her hands were all over my boobs and ass. The guys were enjoying their lesbian fantasy, and we started kissing and dancing, then we slowly took off our dresses. She had a leather garter belt and fishnet stockings, and she looked even better naked. “ Let’s take care of our guys beautiful, I’ll take yours „she said, and she leaned over him, kissed him, then she spread her legs wide open to sit on top of him. So, the hot blonde was getting it on with my boyfriend, who was currently sucking on her busty tits, and I headed over to her lover. He put his hands on my ass as soon as I got close enough, and then pulled off my panties to give me oral sex. I looked over to my boyfriend who was fingering Amy and I must say it felt strange to see him fuck another girl while her boyfriend was eating me up, tickling my shaved pussy and making me wet, but there was also an arousing feeling to it that still makes me wet whenever I think about it. The couple was very open minded, there was no limitations to what they would do to please their guests, so the girl gave my boyfriend a very passionate and long blowjob before fucking him. I pulled Paul’s head from between my legs, and I followed Amy’s lead, my lover’s cock looked so good, and I love giving and taking oral sex, so I leaned over and kissed her passionately, then went on with the blowjob, licking and sucking Paul’s dick until he pulled me on top of him. So there we were, both me and Amy riding the cocks of each other’s boyfriends, kissing them, and each other from time to time, and it was so fucking good. Amy said she wants a cum shot on her tits, so my boyfriend fucked he between her busty boobs until he came. Paul was fucking me doggy style, touching me all over and I also got a cum shot on my ass. After that entire hot lesbian action, blowjobs, cum shots and orgasms I found a new passion, and since then I’m always looking forward to find a new hot swingers couple. Come spy on my live chat and I’ll tell you all about the hot blonde!

Threesome with my best friend

After I finished my show last night, I decided to spend some quality time with my boyfriend, so we ordered in and put on some music. We were going to talk all night, and have a little “us” time. It was pretty late, and we were having a beer while we were waited for the food, when suddenly the doorbell rang. “The delivery man sure moves fast, I only called twenty minutes ago”, I said, and went to open the door. To my surprise, it was my friend Alessa who was supposed to be at a romantic date with her boyfriend. She was wearing a red dress and high heels, and her hair and makeup were a mess. “That fucker left me!” she said, “So I’m here to drink with you guys.” I let her in then she told us all about her night, and we started reminiscing about the past to get her mind of her boyfriend.
We got pretty drunk so Alessa started telling the story about us experimenting with each other, learning how to kiss and all that stuff most girls do, I think. “Oh, but for me it wasn’t just an experiment, I went full on lesbian” said Alessa. I could see my boyfriend was already intrigued, as most guys are when it comes to these types of stories, so I asked her to tell us all about it. “I dated a chick for like…a year or so, and she loved me, but that must have been because I made her squirt.” My boyfriend seized the opportunity and went on and on about how he always wanted a threesome with a couple of lesbians, and how hot would that be. Alessa was drunk and ready for it, my boyfriend was excited, and even thou we were the couple and the third person was my best friend, so we went for it. I always liked Alessa anyway she’s hot and she had a lot of experience, so why not go for it, right?
While my boyfriend went to get some condoms, Alessa started kissing me. Her lips were very soft, and the kiss was very hot and passionate, it felt like my tongue was dancing with hers. My boyfriend joined the party; he first kissed me, then Alessa. I could see he was already hard, so I reached for his cock, and started giving him a blowjob. Alessa liked my initiative and she joined me. We were both licking his cock, and our tongues met at the tip. He was really enjoying it, so the blowjob went on for a while, and then Alessa got to doing what she knew best, she put her head between my legs and started eating me up. It probably was one of the best oral sex I’ve ever gotten, I could barely focus on the blowjob, and I was really wet. My boyfriend asked Alessa if he could have a taste, so she put her pussy on his face, while I took a condom, and after putting it on with my mouth I started fucking him. He was licking Alessa’s pussy while touching my busty boobs. Then me and Alessa traded places. The whole threesome thing felt really good, and I wanted to repay Alessa for that wonderful job she did on my pussy, so I asked my boyfriend to fuck me from behind, while I had my first lesbian experience, pussy eating to be more specific, since you can call it lesbian experience while a boy fucks you from behind. Alessa was in awe, she was enjoying herslf, moaning and reaching for my busty tits to fondle them, and my boyfriend said “Good girls” and kept on fucking me harder and harder, until he came. I kept on eating her up, while my boyfriend was licking and fingering my pussy, and Alessa said moaning “I’ve always wanted a cumshot on my face, so how about another blowjob?” Needless to say he was very pleased with the idea and went for it, and I was really enjoying her creamy pussy, so after I gained a bit of experience, I put my fingers inside her, and licked her pussy until she came, and after she got her cumshot wish, they both dedicated their full attention to making me cum. He was eating me up and fingering me, whilst she was French kissing me and fondling my busty boobs. That was my first squirt ever, and I must say, one of the best sexual experiences ever. It may have started a bit weird, but it was a night of squirts, cumshots, and lots of orgasms
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Hot lesbian action

It was about time I wrote about the experience that made me bisexual instead of straight right? Grab your lubes boys and girls, this is a hot one. Before beginning my incursion in my personal sex life, I must mention, before this experience I always thought about myself as a straight person, but now I can’t help but fantasize about every hot girl I see, and I can’t imagine not being attracted to a woman, their full rosy lips, their gentle features and creamy pussy. Ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself, and a bit wet at the same time, so let’s get going with my lesbian adventure. You’ll cum to enjoy it, I’m sure.
Cliché as it may be, I was 19, and a college student, I was getting close to none sleep because of all the parties, obviously and somehow, through all of this partying around I ended up at some friend’s house where there was a very interesting party. All the rooms filled up with teen people sitting wherever they found a spot, beds, couches, chairs, pillows on the floor, basically everywhere. I found a spot near the only person I knew at that party, my friend, who was now making up with his girlfriend, as was everyone around there, you were either part of a couple or looking to be one. I was looking around, kind of ashamed because of the entire teen make out sessions going on around me, when a girl came in the room. She had short hair boy-like clothing and a very self-confident attitude; all the girls seemed to pay attention to her like she was some kind of lesbian goddess or something. But for me, it wasn’t her who made me become attracted to women, even thou she tried, and I found out later she wanted to turn every chick she meets into a lesbian, weird and a story for another time, maybe.
I carefully found my way out of the sea of teen couples and drunken people looking to hook up and I remember wishing for a hot guy to come and take me away from there. I ended up in the kitchen, looking for something to drink, when this amazing girl, who looked like she didn’t belong there, or on earth for that matter, came to me and offered me a drink, then asked if I want to get out of here, which was like music to my ears. While we were getting out, some drunken guy yelled at the tomboy lesbian “Hey, A is taking your hot blonde!” I was thinking “What? I surely don’t want to be in one of those lesbian couples?” but I couldn’t seem to be able to pull away from that chick. She had black hair, she was thin but her boobs were big and her eyes were a hazel you could lose yourself in forever. She was leaving a few buildings over, we walked in silence, until she asked me if I want a smoke, and I took it. We got to her place, she turned on a lamp, and all I could see was the ashtray, her bed, and a bookshelf, the rest was pitch dark, and it would turn out to be pitch perfect too. Her laptop was on, and there was an entire Placebo playlist on. To this day I can’t listen to Placebo without reliving that night. She brought two glasses of wine, a pack of cigarettes, and after taking a sip from her wine she put her hand on my face and leaned over to kiss me. Her lips were the softest you can imagine, and her kiss was so delicate and sensual I couldn’t pull away and I almost felt sad when she stopped to take another sip of her wine and smoke. Here I was, a straight girl, looking at a lesbian, getting aroused by the image of the smoke coming out of her sensual mouth and seriously considering watching amateur lesbian porn to learn more about what I can do to please her. But I soon found out I was becoming the amateur, she leaned over again, kissed me harder, then with a soft and sensual touch she let her hand fall down my neck, and a second later she was fondling my boobs. I couldn’t help but follow, but as soon as I touched her boobs she took my hand and started sucking on my finger, then she licked my lips with the tip of her tongue and started undressing me, kissing every inch of skin she was uncovering. When she got to my boobs, she kissed them all over, then she rolled her tongue around my nipples, sucked on them, then she slowly kissed her way down to my pants. She lift he head as if looking for approval, I was all wet and aroused, and I smiled as she went on and took off my pants. She took of my panties, and I heard the first words she uttered “Umm, shaved, and a little landing strip, delicious” and she bended over, licking my clit and putting her fingers inside my pussy. I was moaning like a mad person, struggling not to tremble at every touch of her tongue and lips on my pussy. She kept going, sucking and licking and fingering and I ran my hands down her black hair, clenching my thighs as if feeling guilty for giving in to the pleasure. After I came, she lift her head, dragged her fingers over her lips and the corners of her mouth, then she licked them off. “Not bad, you amateur blonde” she said. We smoked a lot that night, listening to Placebo, drinking wine and talking about all kinds of stuff. In the morning after she woke up I asked “What do you want to have for breakfast?” She said “How about creampie?” and pulled me over. After I left her apartment that was it, I never heard from her again.