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2 Gay Lads First Meeting

It wasn't too long back, a regular Saturday, I think it was, and I was not in such a great mood. I went to the Seminar Room, since it was empty, and I didn't really feel like being around anybody. Plus I had my history to do, and I'm distracted easily. So, I'm sitting there, right, and then Mondo walks in. I try to ignore him, but he doesn't get it. I gave up concentrating, and decided to listen fully, instead of slightly and responding only with one-syllable sounds.

“Soooo, d'you have a girlfriend, Sebastian?” Mondo asked while looking in the mirror, fixing his hair.

“Whoa, what?” I asked, taken aback by his bluntness.

“I'll take that as a no, then” he said with his annoying smirk. I just chose to ignore it. So what if I didn't have a girlfriend. It's not his business anyway. And I have other things to worry about and focus on, like my work.

“That's a shame, someone like you, without someone” he continued on. This struck me as odd, seeing as he's never said something quite along those lines before, so I inquired “What do you mean by that?”

“Nothing, nothing” he nonchalantly said, exiting the room. I turned around and watched him leave. I could've sworn that I saw his face through the frosted glass doors wink and smile at me. Weird.

A few weeks went by without much activity, but then a Tuesday rolls around, and I find myself in the same position as the Thursday, only this time it was second period. Mondo walks into the Seminar Room, looking first into the mirror above the hearth, then the full body mirror, both front and this time back, and then looked straight at me. He didn't look bad, I can understand why he looked in the mirror so often; his piercing blue eyes, his muscular forearms… um, anyway, he started talking about my personal life. So this time I confronted him. “Why do you even care?”

“I like you, Sebastian. I'm not even going to lie about it. Why else do I bother you so much? Think about it.” He just walked out of the room. I was completely stunned by this revelation, and felt myself blushing. I always thought he liked, well, I can clearly see that I was wrong. Then I decided to take his advice and think about it. And I mean, really think about it. Well, I can't really do anything, since it's against my religion… but on the other hand, I dunno, he just seemed to have this power over me, to manipulate me to get me to do his bidding. I was already his “dog”, or his *beep*. There was just no denying that. Everyone thought so, and I was no exception, nor did anything to try and change that view. Oh man, I'll never be able to pay attention to my classes now.

Right as I was getting done with my show and putting my lingerie back on for a quiet dinner and movie, there was a very loud knock on my door, almost like the other side was trying to knock the damn door down. I went to answer it and when I opened the door, there was a big guy standing there and he did NOT look happy and in the panic, I forgot to cover myself up so I still was half naked when I opened the door, and lucky thing too, that seemed to shock him enough where he lost some of the rage in his face. He asked what all the noise was about, he had to work early and it was late. I proceeded to tell him what I do and apologized and told him that I'd try and keep it down. I had never had neighbors before so I had a little to learn about how to man age that.

As it happened, he was newly single and alone and he liked what he seen before him I guess and he invited me to dinner the next night. He was so hot that I had to say yes, oh and I kind of owed him that much since I had kept him up all night with my loud masturbating on my lingerie camshow, when I get involved with a show, I forget how loud I get when I get my pussy hot enough to cum! I am anxious to see how this is going to play out and I think I know what I'll be thinking about for my next show! Wow!! Was he ever hot! And I didn't even get his name!
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