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Erotic stories are only as good as their authors. Fortunately for I Spy Live fans, we have a collection of the best erotica written by gorgeous models that you can interact with right here on the same website via their webcams as well. Find out if the story that turned you on most is a big of creative fiction, or a real life event being reenacted in text so that your sexy muse can share some of her most personal intimate moments with you in a whole new way. Then go even deeper and turn your own fantasy sessions into webcam realities right now!

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My Plus Size Adventures

Being big is something that I absolutely love. I’ve got more than anyone else – thick thighs, a big chunky waist and some 42DD tits that will send you crazy! Today, I’m going to tell you a little about what it’s like being me and having so many men appreciate full-bodied women. I’m not a skinny mini and I want you to know that if you’re reading this, you better be ready to enjoy the adventures of a real thick lady.

A few months ago, I found a guy using an online dating website that was interested in BBWs. We got talking and soon enough, he invited me out to get a few drinks. The night went smoothly and he was a gentleman – he opened the door, got the rounds in and told me I have beautiful hair (I do, it’s true!). I was planning to go home with him already, but he spent about five minutes asking me in a roundabout way instead of just being up front! Lucky for him, I was far too horny to reject the opportunity to let this guy enjoy a real BBW.

His place was nice and thankfully, he had quite a good bed! He spent a long time getting me undressed and complimenting my body. I always love a man that can endure the pleasures of a plus-size figure. Kissing my back, stroking my fat tits and of course, sticking his face right into my ass! It felt incredible.

Soon enough, he was begging for me to touch him, and of course, I said he’d have to wait! He ate my pussy like a good boy and it was such a joy to behold. This man that was completely devoted to my figure, my very being – it sent me into a whole new level of bliss that I seldom experience with standard boys who can’t handle this much woman.

Soon enough, I invited him to enter me and he was rock solid when he did. I was incredibly wet too, so it slid in without any resistance. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in, keeping me as close to him as he could. He also did his best to suck on my nipples, but the sheer size of them made it a little hard as he pounded away.

Eventually, he asked if I would do doggy with him and after rejecting his requests for so long, I did exactly that. It was about time this guy got a reward for being such a fantastic guy!

When I assumed the position, he started to spank my ass while slamming as hard as he could. To be honest, I was amazed at how long he managed to last – I was the first of us to cum as he spanked me harder and harder while giving me the full length of his cock! I haven’t been fucked like that in a long time and boy, did it feel good.

I came once again from all of the fucking and eventually asked him to give me his load. It seems as if my words triggered something, because within a few seconds of asking, he pulled out and covered my back in his sweet juice. It travelled so far up my back too – it was clear to me that he was very much ready to unleash.
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Submissive English BBW Loves Spankings

Hello boys! This is my first story here at iSpy, so let's just hope that this works out all okay! My name is Linda and I'm from England. I can say with confidence that all of my life, I've loved men that adore ladies on the larger side of life. It should come as no surprise that I'm in love with my body and don't mind being plus-size. After all, there are some things that a submissive BBW can do that make a man groan with pleasure.

It's been about two months since my last submissive experience, but I felt like it was good enough to share here. So, let's talk about it, shall we?

I met a guy at a local BDSM meet that told me up front he was a dom who was looking for a bit of light fun. We agreed that there'd be no sex, but anything short of that was fine. Anyway, 10 minutes later and with the help of a cab, we ended back at his place and let me tell you, what a collection of tools he had! He had a room specifically for us to play in and as soon as I set foot in the door, he had me strip down naked and crawl over there. Now when I say I'm a submissive, I say that in the context of liking being held down. I'm a bit new to the BDSM scene, so jumping straight in with being given commands was quite the experience. I was dripping wet by the time I got in his little dungeon.

Jason had this piece of furniture, sort of like a foot stool, that was perfect for leaning over. I got into position and he circled around me, periodically leaning in to slap my bottom. It started really soft, but over the course of a few minutes, his level of power increased. He was just getting me warmed up and boy was it good!

Next, Jason grabbed two pieces of equipment out of a drawer. He held them in front of my face and asked which one first. I've always liked canes, so that was my first choice. I've never been spanked with a cane, and let me just say - what an experience! I winced every time, but the care he took to ensure I was just getting the edge of my limit of pain was orgasmic. I could feel my clit swelling and I tried to touch it once, although Jason told me that I wasn't allowed to do that.

Eventually, he switched out and started to spank me with a paddle. The feeling is different to cane, and to be honest, I think I prefer the cane! But we had a lot of fun and my bottom was well and truly punished by the time he finished!

As a reward for being such a good submissive spank toy, Jason turned me over at the end of our session and finger fucked me until I came. Definitely one of the top three orgasms of my life - it felt incredible to have the mixture of pain and pleasure mixing in my body. When I finally finished up, Jason gave me a few minutes to compose myself. I almost lost my mind for a second and needed to recover for quite some time. If that's not a ringing endorsement of being a good submissive BBW, I don't know what is.

Anyway guys, hope you liked my story. Come and check out my cam room some time. We can chat, play some games and generally have a good time together. Thanks for reading!

Your BBW Spanking Slave
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3 Whores on 1 guy in public

So there I was, after one of our hardcore camshow scenes and I was ready for some fun… Me and my 2 besties drinking and having a great time on the dance floor of a jam packed club on campus when out of nowhere Ricky just appears in my face. His beautiful dark Italian complexion flashing in the lights hung above the dance floor and piercing eyes that all of a sudden made me feel like we were the only people in the room.

At first I thought I was standing in his way but when I tried to step to the side his hand grabbed my arm and I wasn’t going anywhere. It was then I noticed that we were both still dancing… his crotch bumping into my lower belly and mine rubbing his leg. I don’t know what come over me but the next thing I knew I was on my knees unzipping his pants… His semi hard cock springing from its confines popped into my awaiting mouth and immediately grew to its full rock hard splendor… I gobbled it up with my hot wet mouth and grabbed it with both hands. His dance moves became steady strokes between my hands as the end of his dick started frothing pre-cum in my mouth.

My girlfriends stood on either side of him still dancing and laughing in disbelief of what I was doing on a dance floor- In public- WITH A COMPLETE STRANGER!!! He took turns kissing one and then the other as their hands roamed over his partially exposed chest and down his back to his firm brown ass. His hips jerked forward as his hot cum exploded into my mouth… Part of the first shot running down my chin do to the sudden surprise but with every following lunge I swallowed every drop as I began to twirl my now sticky tongue around the twitching tip of his cock. And as I stood up to see the look on his face he disappeared into the surrounding crowd as quickly as he had appeared. My girlfriends now completely shocked at our behavior and totally wet form the experience as I was each started kissing me as if to share his taste and make sure it was real… and it was… But that was just the beginning of that wild night… It got MUCH better….. After all… How do you think I found out his name was Ricky?