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Erotic stories are only as good as their authors. Fortunately for I Spy Live fans, we have a collection of the best erotica written by gorgeous models that you can interact with right here on the same website via their webcams as well. Find out if the story that turned you on most is a big of creative fiction, or a real life event being reenacted in text so that your sexy muse can share some of her most personal intimate moments with you in a whole new way. Then go even deeper and turn your own fantasy sessions into webcam realities right now!

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My first swingers experience

Hello darlings, your favorite sex chat model here. I know you’ve been lusting to hear a few of my secret sex stories, so yesterday night after my show I grabbed a bottle of wine and got to thinking about what should my first story be about. I had many interesting adventures, so it was really hard to choose which one to write first. Since this is the first story I’m writing, it may as well be a story about one of my naughtiest first times, so here goes: the story about my first swinger’s experience.
I’m a party girl, and I love dressing sexy and going out with my boyfriend, we go out to dinner then we head for the clubs where we party all night long. Naturally we meet new and interesting people all over, and on the special night this story is about we met a lovely couple. The guy was a tall and good looking person, dressed very nicely, with an elegant white shirt and a black tie, kind of an office outfit that really turned me on, and he had a really nice looking beard, very well groomed. The girl, very alluring herself, a busty blonde with a hot ass and a nice looking dress that made all of her features really pop, I wanted to run my hands all over that body of hers. We drank all night, and told a lot of stories, and everyone was already a little tipsy when the girl said “I don’t really have any girlfriends, chicks just don’t like me”, and I said “Well, that is surely because you’re so damn hot, they’re just jealous girls with lack of self-confidence. I know I’d love to hang out with you.” No need to say, wherever there’s two hot girls getting along guys fall into their lesbian fantasies and pull all kinds of tricks to make them happen, so her boyfriend said we should kiss to celebrate the new found friendship. She was definitely my type, and I knew my boyfriend wouldn’t mind, so I went for it. She smiled at me, and then we did a couple of shots and started kissing. Her lips were a bit wet from the shots we just had, but they were very soft and inviting, and her tongue still had the bittersweet taste of the shot. It felt so good I could barely stop myself. I turned over to see the reaction of the guys, and they had big smiles on their faces. A few drinks and sexy kisses later, the girl leaned over me, gently whispering in my ear “You know, brunettes like you are just my type, and you’re husband is kind of hot, so why don’t you guys come over to our place? It will be fun, I promise”. I looked at my boyfriend and said “Guess what honey? „And he replied impatiently “They’re swingers, I know, Paul told me”. I smiled and he smiled back at me, so I knew he agreed with what I was about to say. “Sure, we’d love to.” I said, so we left for their place.
When we got there, she opened a bottle of wine, and we toasted for the special event and to new sexual experiences. “So, how should we do this? It’s kind of the first time for us…”said my boyfriend. “If the girls wouldn’t mind, I would like to twist things around a bit” Paul said, he took my hand and kissed me passionately, his tongue wildly dancing in my mouth, then he put his hand on my neck, and kissed my earlobe very sensually. “I say we should put on some music while we’re at it „Amy said and she put on some slow music, and made the guys sit on the leather couch. We dance sensually with each other, I had my hands around her hips and her hands were all over my boobs and ass. The guys were enjoying their lesbian fantasy, and we started kissing and dancing, then we slowly took off our dresses. She had a leather garter belt and fishnet stockings, and she looked even better naked. “ Let’s take care of our guys beautiful, I’ll take yours „she said, and she leaned over him, kissed him, then she spread her legs wide open to sit on top of him. So, the hot blonde was getting it on with my boyfriend, who was currently sucking on her busty tits, and I headed over to her lover. He put his hands on my ass as soon as I got close enough, and then pulled off my panties to give me oral sex. I looked over to my boyfriend who was fingering Amy and I must say it felt strange to see him fuck another girl while her boyfriend was eating me up, tickling my shaved pussy and making me wet, but there was also an arousing feeling to it that still makes me wet whenever I think about it. The couple was very open minded, there was no limitations to what they would do to please their guests, so the girl gave my boyfriend a very passionate and long blowjob before fucking him. I pulled Paul’s head from between my legs, and I followed Amy’s lead, my lover’s cock looked so good, and I love giving and taking oral sex, so I leaned over and kissed her passionately, then went on with the blowjob, licking and sucking Paul’s dick until he pulled me on top of him. So there we were, both me and Amy riding the cocks of each other’s boyfriends, kissing them, and each other from time to time, and it was so fucking good. Amy said she wants a cum shot on her tits, so my boyfriend fucked he between her busty boobs until he came. Paul was fucking me doggy style, touching me all over and I also got a cum shot on my ass. After that entire hot lesbian action, blowjobs, cum shots and orgasms I found a new passion, and since then I’m always looking forward to find a new hot swingers couple. Come spy on my live chat and I’ll tell you all about the hot blonde!

Hot oil massage

Some of the people who watch my live cam have asked me to write one or more secret xxx sex stories, so I decided to give it a try, and after thinking about it for a while, I think my first sex story should be about my hot oil massage xxx adventure.
My boyfriend and I are very open in our relationship; he loves to watch me do my live cam shows, and says that he feels like a secret spy, peeking behind the curtains of an xxx show. You could say we are a very unique couple, we always try new things, and we never run out of ideas. A few days ago, I came home, and found him watching a porn video, one of those massage oil things. The chick was a busty redhead, and she looked like she was enjoying herself. “Do you like what you see darling?” “I do, it’s just, I’d prefer the hot blonde I always spy on, and you know the one from the live cams.” I laughed and said “Well if you mean me, then let’s give this a try, the girl does look like she enjoys it, and a massage is always welcome, especially if it ends with hot sex.” I took off my dress, and my lingerie and I laid back on the bed waiting anxiously for the softcore sex that was about to happen. He went in the bathroom and grabbed the lavender scented oil.
He gave me a passionate kiss, and then poured oil all over my body. He starter massaging my busty tits and shoulders, and I could feel my nipples get hard, and my pussy wet. I was longing for him to work his way down to my pussy and already lusting for his hard cock inside of me. He was massaging my boobs, slowing going down to my tummy, and I was already sure this one is going to end up with a squirt. By the time he got to my pussy I was so fucking wet, I couldn’t wait, but he took his time to slide his fingers between my lips, massaging them up and down, then he played with my clit, circle motions that made me vibe with pleasure. I am still amazed how after so many years we’re still a couple that fucks a lot and tries this kind of stuff. My freshly shaved pussy felt so good, his soft fingers dancing around were making this softcore sex amazing. Thing got even sexier when he started putting his fingers inside me, one finger at the time, moving slowly and playing with my clit. His other hand was on my busty boobs, playing with my hard nipple. The fingering got more intense, and I felt like I was about to cum, but I wanted him inside me, so I asked him to fuck me. The softcore sex felt amazing, I was vibrating with pleasure, and his hands all over my body felt so fucking good. I finished with a huge squirt, my shaved pussy dripping all over and he came right after.
I am thinking of sharing this amazing experience on my live cam shows, I’m going to oil myself up and play with my pussy until I squirt a couple times, but not before I make you lust for me while I touch my busty boobs and ass. I know I am your favorite blonde, and you are going to love my live cam oil show, so make sure to check in and spy on my xxx live cam for some wicked hot oil action and squirt.

Hot lesbian action

It was about time I wrote about the experience that made me bisexual instead of straight right? Grab your lubes boys and girls, this is a hot one. Before beginning my incursion in my personal sex life, I must mention, before this experience I always thought about myself as a straight person, but now I can’t help but fantasize about every hot girl I see, and I can’t imagine not being attracted to a woman, their full rosy lips, their gentle features and creamy pussy. Ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself, and a bit wet at the same time, so let’s get going with my lesbian adventure. You’ll cum to enjoy it, I’m sure.
Cliché as it may be, I was 19, and a college student, I was getting close to none sleep because of all the parties, obviously and somehow, through all of this partying around I ended up at some friend’s house where there was a very interesting party. All the rooms filled up with teen people sitting wherever they found a spot, beds, couches, chairs, pillows on the floor, basically everywhere. I found a spot near the only person I knew at that party, my friend, who was now making up with his girlfriend, as was everyone around there, you were either part of a couple or looking to be one. I was looking around, kind of ashamed because of the entire teen make out sessions going on around me, when a girl came in the room. She had short hair boy-like clothing and a very self-confident attitude; all the girls seemed to pay attention to her like she was some kind of lesbian goddess or something. But for me, it wasn’t her who made me become attracted to women, even thou she tried, and I found out later she wanted to turn every chick she meets into a lesbian, weird and a story for another time, maybe.
I carefully found my way out of the sea of teen couples and drunken people looking to hook up and I remember wishing for a hot guy to come and take me away from there. I ended up in the kitchen, looking for something to drink, when this amazing girl, who looked like she didn’t belong there, or on earth for that matter, came to me and offered me a drink, then asked if I want to get out of here, which was like music to my ears. While we were getting out, some drunken guy yelled at the tomboy lesbian “Hey, A is taking your hot blonde!” I was thinking “What? I surely don’t want to be in one of those lesbian couples?” but I couldn’t seem to be able to pull away from that chick. She had black hair, she was thin but her boobs were big and her eyes were a hazel you could lose yourself in forever. She was leaving a few buildings over, we walked in silence, until she asked me if I want a smoke, and I took it. We got to her place, she turned on a lamp, and all I could see was the ashtray, her bed, and a bookshelf, the rest was pitch dark, and it would turn out to be pitch perfect too. Her laptop was on, and there was an entire Placebo playlist on. To this day I can’t listen to Placebo without reliving that night. She brought two glasses of wine, a pack of cigarettes, and after taking a sip from her wine she put her hand on my face and leaned over to kiss me. Her lips were the softest you can imagine, and her kiss was so delicate and sensual I couldn’t pull away and I almost felt sad when she stopped to take another sip of her wine and smoke. Here I was, a straight girl, looking at a lesbian, getting aroused by the image of the smoke coming out of her sensual mouth and seriously considering watching amateur lesbian porn to learn more about what I can do to please her. But I soon found out I was becoming the amateur, she leaned over again, kissed me harder, then with a soft and sensual touch she let her hand fall down my neck, and a second later she was fondling my boobs. I couldn’t help but follow, but as soon as I touched her boobs she took my hand and started sucking on my finger, then she licked my lips with the tip of her tongue and started undressing me, kissing every inch of skin she was uncovering. When she got to my boobs, she kissed them all over, then she rolled her tongue around my nipples, sucked on them, then she slowly kissed her way down to my pants. She lift he head as if looking for approval, I was all wet and aroused, and I smiled as she went on and took off my pants. She took of my panties, and I heard the first words she uttered “Umm, shaved, and a little landing strip, delicious” and she bended over, licking my clit and putting her fingers inside my pussy. I was moaning like a mad person, struggling not to tremble at every touch of her tongue and lips on my pussy. She kept going, sucking and licking and fingering and I ran my hands down her black hair, clenching my thighs as if feeling guilty for giving in to the pleasure. After I came, she lift her head, dragged her fingers over her lips and the corners of her mouth, then she licked them off. “Not bad, you amateur blonde” she said. We smoked a lot that night, listening to Placebo, drinking wine and talking about all kinds of stuff. In the morning after she woke up I asked “What do you want to have for breakfast?” She said “How about creampie?” and pulled me over. After I left her apartment that was it, I never heard from her again.

Sex By the Fire

I let my fingertips trace the curve of my smooth, white breast, stopping to curl around my erect nipple. Despite the warmth from the fire in which I was nestled in front of, my nipples were hard and getting harder as Seth sucked and nibbled at the other.
I moaned, turning my slight smile toward the fire. I ran my other hand through his hair, dragging my neat and trim manicure across his scalp and down the nape of his neck. He nipped harder in response, sending a ripple of electricity directly between my legs, which were spread wide as Seth massaged my most sensitive parts.
My body relaxed at the same time it rose with every stroke from Seth’s confident hands. I turned my head and kissed him, full and deep, as his fingers slid back and forth over my slick clit. When they slid inside, just as full and deep as their kiss, my back arched to draw him in deeper.
It was getting harder to breathe, as Seth quickened his stroke. I wanted to enjoy it, every last moment, remaining as relaxed as possible to savor the rise, to float on the edge of the cliff before diving off in a rush of pleasure. I stretched my arms above my head, letting out a little moan. Reaching forward, I pulled Seth toward me for another lingering kiss.
My mouth open like my pussy, I wanted more of him inside me. His tongue exploring, just like his fingers probed and stroked below. My hips rocked in time with his movement, his fingers slick with my juices plunged deeper and deeper with each push. Warmth spread and I felt myself on the edge, knowing I was going over, but drawing every last second I could in this nether world between arousal and climax. It was my favorite part - if I was being honest - this moment before orgasm when the world fell away and I was in a state of unparalleled bliss.
Seth murmured in my ear as I cried out. I couldn’t make out what he said and it didn’t matter because I simply didn’t care. The waves of pleasure rolled through me, making my body limper and limper as I lay on the pillows scattered about the floor. As my rapid breathing eased, Seth’s lips whispered against the skin of my tummy, trailing kisses from my belly button to my lips.
Still on my back, Seth slid his muscular frame on top of me, placing his chiseled forearms above my shoulders to allow himself to look down at my pale face. It was intimate. He could see my half-lidded eyes look down for his cock, my slight smile as I took its weight in my hands, feeling its length and squeezing its girth, before guiding him gently to my slick, wet cunt. One smooth push and he was deep inside, my pussy gripping his member as he carefully drew it from me.
Like me, he wanted to savor each push, withdrawing almost completely before sliding his cock back in. I dragged my fingernails down his back and up his ribcage, my touch light but alighting the nerves in his skin. The fire kept them warm, stopping the cold, moonlit night from entering their cozy den.
I felt his body stiffening; his breath on my neck coming faster and hotter. I wrapped my long dancer’s legs around his waist, squeezing him. He reached down and grabbed my thigh, pulling me toward him as his thrusts became more violent. A lock of blonde hair fell out of place and dangled across his forehead. Something between a moan and a sigh, the grip of his fingers in my leg, told me he found the same spot he brought me to only a few minutes before. I brushed the hair from his eyes, kissing his lips, his ear, his neck as his orgasm ended and his body relaxed into mine.
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Band Fan Fantasy

We met a few months back when I was publicizing a charity event in my hometown. David was the local boy made good and returned to town to help teach children the joys of music, and I volunteered my time and media contacts to help promote the event. We raised a lot of money for musical instruments.
That event turned out to be the first of many collaborations, but the only one to which they invited the public.
Now I felt my irritation growing in the heat, with my faded T-shirt sticking to my back. We were in the middle of nowhere, really, a dusty Midwest town in the midst of the annual summer tour. I wasn’t sure why I decided to meet up with the band.
Until the lights on the stage came up, the music started and David plucked the first few chords on his guitar. I felt a tremor run through my body and I smiled as the crowd cheered. Already I could see the sweat soaking through his black shirt, sticking to the contours of his muscular upper body. It was something in his stance, the way he stood confidently on that stage, that made me want to drop to my knees in front of him.
I made my way through the crowd until I was close to the stage, once again just one of the fans. David grinned the full show like he always did, playing each gig like it was his first one and his last one. It was in the way he moved, the subtle way his hips swayed. Or maybe it was his stocky build and the web of black ink spiraling up his arm. If I could pinpoint exactly what it was, then probably everyone would have it.
After the music died and the crowd began to filter out, I made my way backstage, flashing my lanyard at the guard. I watched for a few seconds as David put his guitar into its case, snapping it closed. He turned around when he felt my gaze upon him.
“Hey, sugar,” he said, dropping a kiss on my lips and he wrapped his arms around my.
“Oohh, you’re sweaty,” I giggled.
“I could say the same thing to you,” he said, nuzzling my neck. He propped me back on my feet and grabbed a backpack from a nearby chair. He pulled on a water bottle until it was empty, leaving it on a side table as they walked out, David’s thick arm around my shoulders.
“Where are we off to?” he asked as they walked into the fragrant scent of the night air.
“The hotel is a block away,” I said.
David grinned. “You don’t want to go out? Have some dinner, see a movie, tour the sights of … wherever the hell we are?”
I shook my head, tendrils of hair falling from my messy ponytail. “Nope.”
In the hotel’s lobby, we were met by its owner, with bad news. He couldn’t get the air conditioner working, so it was hot. Opening a window was about all the advice he could offer as he gave us a portable fan.
It was a clear, moonlit night, casting a silvery light over all. Once the fan was running, the air was still warm but moving at least. David peeled off his shirt, dropping it on the floor. I slipped my arms around his body and, standing on my toes, pressed my lips to his. Slowly, his mouth opened and their tongues slipped past one another. David moaned slightly as he cupped my head in his hands. “God, it’s almost too hot for this,” he said.
I raised an eyebrow, a glint in my green eyes. I ran my hands over his chest, the coarse hair damp, and pulled open his belt. I slid my hand inside his boxer shorts and pulled his cock free. Despite his protestations, he was firm and growing harder as I stroked. I sank to my knees, just like I fantasized earlier, and ran my tongue around the tip of his cock. I looked up at him, innocence feigned in my eyes, before most of his thick member disappeared behind my lips.
As I sucked, and licked, and stroked, David pulled my hair free from its ponytail, tangling his fingers in its thickness. With handfuls of my hair, he pulled me up from my knees and kissed me, pushing his tongue into the place where his cock has just been. “Still think it’s too hot out?” I asked.
David smiled and spun my around toward the bed, giving my tight, denim ass a smack. “Get naked,” David commanded, as he stepped out of his jeans. I pulled off my damp T-shirt and faded, ripped jeans as I climbed on the bed. Beads of sweat ran down my neck and between my small breasts as David pulled my knees apart, sliding a hand up my inner thigh as he buried his face in my pussy.
I purred as my back arched, blissfully enjoying the feel of David’s hot tongue on the folds of my cunt. I felt warmth and wetness rush between my legs. My body was relaxed and yielding as David slid first one, then two fingers inside me, massaging as his tongue flicked and sucked at my clit. “Oh, god …” my hand found David’s free one, which was wrapped around my thigh, and clutched it, digging my nails into the back of his hand.
My other hand slid above my head, getting lost in the crisp white sheets. I scratched at the sheets and the pillows as David pulled me closer and closer to climax. Hair matted against my forehead in the heat, I cared not what I looked like as my pleasure reached its peak and exploded, bliss flooding through my veins and David continued to milk every drop from my body.
David pulled back as I landed on my back on the bed. He looked at me for a few seconds, then grabbed me behind the knees and pulled me toward him, my legs spread and my sex wet and glistening. I reached for him, and he grabbed my hands, pulling me off the bed and onto his lap. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders as David slid his thick, hard cock into my slick pussy.
Our lips met as our bodies did, David moaning against my mouth. One strong arm wrapped around my waist, while his other hand gripped my ass. I wrapped my legs around him.
We felt the heat now. The air barely moved, despite the fan whirring in the background. Drops of sweat ran from our pores, finding little rivers in the creases and folds of our bodies. I felt lightheaded, gripping David to keep me grounded in the room. We kissed, licking salty sweat from our skin. David squeezed my ass, making me jump from the sting as he slapped it.
I could feel him getting close - his breathing became ragged, his fingers pinched my flesh and he pulled me into him. He grabbed a handful of hair, slammed his cock into my hot, wet pussy as the lines of pain and pleasure blurred into ecstasy. David came, his seed spilling into my body, his breath hot on my neck. My arms and legs squeezed David as the pounding of his heart slowed and he relaxed, his chest heaving from the pleasure and the effort as he laid back on the bed, his head nearly hanging off the foot. I sat on him, his cock still inside my, as I caught my breath too.
“Ok, maybe it wasn’t too hot for that,” David said, giggling, as the fan passed our direction, fluttering my hair in the faint breeze.

She Fucked My Best Friend

Will was a buddy of mine that had a crush on my wife Samantha for YEARS… He was always telling me how hot she was and how much he wanted to fuck her. It never really bothered me… Hell, I felt the same way. And it was always a turn on for me thinking about another guy fucking her. She laughed it off for a long time until this one night.
Will had come over and we hung in my shop talking and catching up. After a while my wife Sam came out to see what we were up to and to chat with us. Wills eyes were glued on Sam as usual. Her black tights showing every curve and a loose fitting white blouse that had a transparency I had always enjoyed.
Over the years she had teased Will and even flashed him a few times but tonight she had a devilish look in her eye and It didn’t take me long to figure out this was going to be the best night of Will’s life. And actually for my wife and me too.
It didn’t take Will long to extend a few of his flirt lines at Sam… She boldly looked at him and said “Tim (That’s me) says you want to fuck me REALLY bad”? Will’s shocked face was priceless as he said “Uh… Yeah”. She said… “Really? I never knew you were serious”. He said “FUCK YEAH I’M SERIOUS”! She then said, “Well what would your new wife think”? To which he replied, “ I don’t care WHAT she would think… I have wanted this for to long”
In her little teasing way she smiled and said “well I am going to have to think about it a minute”. She looked at me and said, “What do you think”? I said, “Hell… as long as I get to watch I don’t care”. She looked at him and sad “So if I bend over here and let you do me doggy style that would make you happy and fulfill your biggest fantasy”? He said, “OH HELL YES” She flipped her long dark hair and said “Well then, lets do it”.
She stepped in front of me and looked me right in the eye with that devilish grin and casually shed her pants exposing her dark muff and her beautiful silky smooth white ass. Will’s eyes bugged as he soaked in her half naked beauty. He had seen it in pictures over the years but here it was in person like he had dreamed of. “Well, Are you ready”? She asked. He quickly rose to his feet still in shock.
Fumbling for his belt and zipper Will finally slid his pants down without any embarrassment whatsoever exposing his fully erect cock. Will was about 6 ft 4 and his large cock was in proportion to his large size. Sam placed her hands on my shoulders and bent slightly pushing her sweet little ass outward for Will to enjoy. He stepped up and asked he he could have a quick taste. She said she didn’t care and she began to kiss me.
Will went on his knees and plunged his tongue into Sam’s pussy from behind. Her kiss became more aggressive as he began licking her pussy and asshole while his hands rubbed her ass and legs. And one found its way up her shirt feeling her huge tits swaying gently back and fourth braless under her loose fitting shirt. He was trying to experience everything he had ever dreamed of as fast as he could. I pulled my cock out and Sam and I took turns stroking it. Eventually his hands found their way back to her ass gripping it firmly so he could expose as much of her open pussy as he could to lick.
Will stood up and with the warning “this wont take long” he was reassured by Sam that that was fine. He then bent at his knees and gently inserted the tip of his throbbing cock in to Sams now soaked pussy. Sam gently pushed back allowing her pussy to gobble up every hard inch of Wills cock. Sam was stroking my cock as Will began to slowly pick up his pace. Her titties heaving back and fourth as Will picks her up with both hands firmly on her waist he finally stands straight up as Sams feet rise off the floor and she then wraps her legs around his legs.
Wills pace slowly intensifies as he feels Sam’s pussy juices lubricating her pussy walls allowing his cock to slide deeper and easier into her pretty little pleasure maker. Her hands grip my shoulders tighter as the full length of Wills Cock starts probing the deepest parts of her cunt. Watching her getting fucked so good has made my own cock explode in my own hand.
Wills thrusts are beginning to slow but hit harder. Sam knows he is close to cumming and she looks at me and begins cumming herself releasing a shower of her hot juices down Wills legs while squeezing my arms tightly as he lunges forward and begins erupting his hot cum deep inside her twitching love box with a few violent thrusts that soon taper to a gentle stroking as he milks every drop of cum inside her he can.
Sam wastes no time gathering her pants and giving me a quick kiss while heading out the door back to the house. She looks back at Will and asked, “Well, Was it all you thought it would be”? To which Will exclaimed… “Oh hell yes… It was everything I ever dreamed it would be”!
And with her little devilish satisfied grin as she walked off with the satisfaction of knowing she made a couple fantasies come true that night.

Fake Tit fucking

My name is AishaSaige and yes I know my tits are fake, but do you really care? Does it make your dick less hard when you watch me taking my dildo between my tits and tit fuck it to show you how I would treat your dick if I was in front of your big hard cock? When I do my cam shows, I have many requests to know what it would be like if I put their cock between my big tits and stroked it off between them. I have managed to simulate that pretty good, good enough to have all the guys in the room telling me how hard their cocks are right now and how much it turns them on.

I wrap my tits around my 12 inch dildo that I have lubed up so it glides smoothly between my boobs and I can feel the friction on them making my pussy warmer and warmer as I stroke it more and more, I can just feel a real big cock getting harder between my boobs until he shoots his load all over my tits and it runs down and sometimes gets in my long dark hair.

My titfucking busty camshows don't just turn on the guys, it turns me on as well and I get just as turned on as your cock does when I think about how it would make you feel.

Blonde Booty Call

I was in the bathroom getting ready for my date after a steamy camshow and I started to hear my phone vibrating on the counter beside me, where I was putting on my slinky black dress. I picked up the phone and started reading the text message and I had to set the brush down, and took a closer look:

"I'm in the mood for some sexy pussy to grind my cock into, call me if you are in the same mood, Barra".

I instantly picked the camera back up and took a selfie of what I had to offer and that I was in the mood as well. My shaved pussy was starting to get a little moist at the mere thought of his big cock inside me, especially after the intense camshow I had just had, I was already wet and ready, so his timing was perfect.

I had just gotten out of the shower where I shaved my pussy and it was squeaky clean, and ready for a photo shoot where she was the star of the show. I slowly pulled up my tight tight skirt and pulled back my black thongs to reveal my freshly shaved tight pussy and started snapping pictures of it to send to my date. If this kept up, I was not going to be able to make it out the door because I'll end up with my fingers gently stroking my pussy to get some of the heat off of her, she was pretty wet and throbbing, have you ever seen a throbbing clit? I will have to show you one day on my camshows where I let you get up close and personal and you will be able to see it. I take my shows and my fans serious and my pussy seriously gets turned on when she and I do our shows together every night.
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